4 Ways To Capture Your Husbands Heart Again

We are all aware of the alarming increase in family problems and break up of marriages. If you haven’t, then tune up your television now and I bet the news will hit your ears immediately.

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Everyone has a reason why they chose to get married to their partner, One  of the reasons is the expectations to live happily with their better half for a long time, have children, and enjoy all that life can offer.

However, one imminent reason that made people marry is because they expect to grow with  each other, until you become successful in your relationship together.

Non ever thought or expected that one day he/ she will file for divorce in court against your partner.


Obviously, I really feel bad when I see young couple that are separated or  that are staying under the same roof and yet not relating well as couples.

There are thousands of them like that.

As a woman, you have a big role to play in making your marriage successful.
And in this post I will show you how you can influence your husbands heart and make him love you so much this Christmas season.

It’s really up to you to make your husband and your marriage feel nice.


Here are 5 things you should do to capture your husbands heart again.


1) Respect him more:-

The most important way any woman can influence his husbands heart this Christmas season is to respect him more. This is every man’s greatest need.

Rick Johnson in his book said that “every man values respect from his wife more than he values love”.
And one of the ways you can show respects to your hubby is to frequently reassuring him how much you appreciate him especially whenever he does something you like.


Doing that makes every man feel strongly and on top of the word, because they hear such often and believe me men feel great whenever the wife recognizes his good deeds.

Secondly, Always focus on your husbands good deeds. Most women only recognize their husbands little mistakes.

They immediately forget everything you have done correctly when you miss one step.
However, to influence his heart this Christmas season ask God to give you grace to see only his good side.


2) Make him your priority:-

One of my readers told me that one of her best ways of keep her marriage red hot is making her husband first and the children second.

Fact is that you must love your children but give more attention to your husband, because one day the children will all go leaving just you and your husband all alone in the house.

Here is how Giuliana Rancic an e Reporter described it “if you want your marriage last forever then you have to make your husband first, because marriage isn’t a joke”

Always remember that the best gift you can give to your children is a healthy relationship. So learn how to accommodate each other and display in front of your kids that you are each others favorite.

If you’ve not been putting your spouse first, this is the time to start, because that’s the only sure way to keep your marriage successful when your kids are gone.


3) Learn to elevate him:-

Give him a shoulder to stand tall everywhere you go. Don’t be the type of woman that belittles her husband.
Probably you thought you are more educated or you have a better job that pays you better and now you can talk to him the way you want anytime anywhere.


A good woman is always proud of her husband no matter what. She makes her friends respect her husband even without seeing him.

And a happy husband is man who is always confident that his wife is proud of him all the time. He is sure because his wife makes it a point of duty to reassure him every time.


4) Get some perfect Christmas gifts for him:-

If you really want capture your husbands heart this Christmas, then you’ll need to get some perfect Christmas gifts for him.
Look for what he likes or hope for and get it for him. He will love you more for that.


Finally use this Christmas to capture your husbands heart. you will not regret what impact it can bring to your relationship.


I am still your friend murphyaik.

See you at the top.




Most Common Marriage Myths Demystified.

We spend time to learn and master our jobs, our studies and other things, but we have never thought of learning about marriage/ relationship.

The only little knowledge we get sometimes are earned through the hard ways.


The little things we learn about marriage are just the one we got from relatives and most times they are not enough to guide us throughout our days in marriage,

To understand what marriage is really all about and how you can make your marriage successful, then you should read this post


Trouble is that those things we learned from them are either wrong or non-beneficial or may be half baked for our relationship and they are the “myths of marriage”.


They can only be compare to those stories we usually tell to ourselves that are also partially wrong or at best wrong also.


In this post I will show you the most common Myths of marriage, and after reading this, you should be able to know what stories you tell to yourself, because the stories you tell yourself sincerely determines how you think and act.


This may be the little tool you require to be successful in your relationship/ relationship.



    Common Marriage Myths Demystified.


Marriage Myth 1)


Marriage shouldn’t be this hard, and if it’s this hard, maybe we shouldn’t be together.
That’s exactly one of the most interesting stories of marriage. People think happy marriage just happens.


I sometimes hear people say they only want to get married so they become happy forever.

To them, marriage will give them all the joy they crave for in life, they never think about the struggles of marriage.

But there’s no short ways to a successful marriage, you really need to work to make your relationship what you want it to be.

Don’t be afraid to face the struggles of marriage, most of them are not to destroy your relationship, but to strengthen it, and short cut is an insured road to future troubles.


Struggling together as couple will help you build muscles and skills to face the future struggles.


Your goal shouldn’t be to have a struggle free marriage, but to discover how to allow the struggles give you a thick skin for other challenges and not to pole you apart.


Marriage Myth 

Happy couples don’t argue :- You will agree with me that everyone of us enters into marriage having different dreams, expectations, needs experiences as well as fears from our past relationships or families. Because of all these, lots of misconceptions is bound to occur.


The fact is that “lack of fights or arguing shows lack of emotional intimacy and truthfulness in marriage says” O’Neal.

When couples don’t fight, they are susceptible to different kinds of mistakes and emotional “compromises”: Beginning from how they communicate to how they extend time with the extended families” says she (O’ Neal).


In fact, said O’Neal, “a lack of arguing indicates a lack of truthfulness and emotional intimacy.” When couples don’t argue, they make all kinds of emotional compromises — everything from how they communicate to how they approach time with their extended families, she said.


All these kill trusts brings argument and contempt amount couples.


Happy couple do argue also the difference is they don’t explode like others or use argument as a weapon of power in the relationship, rather, they find ways to easily forgive, settle the differences and move on.



How to save your Marriage Alone




Did you wish you could save your marriage alone?

If your marriage is going through some challenges now, two things will surely occupy your mind,

1) Should u go for a divorce?
2) Or Should you take a step to save your marriage alone?


Well! Only you can answer the question.

However, whether you chose to throw in the towel or save your marriage alone, you have to read this post first.

Why did I say so?

In this post you will learn the simple steps you can take to get your marriage back to its feet again.

I know you never plans to have fights in your relationship, but you see them coming anyway.



Statistics shows that a lot of marriage are going through divorce, and America is ranking highest in the chat.


Obviously, most of these marriages could have been saved if the couples made some efforts to do so.

If your marriage is having an issue now and you do nothing about it there’s no doubt you know the results you’ll, however,

if you do something about it, tendency is that your marriage could be restored.

In four steps. I will share with you  what you could start doing now to get your marriage going again.


If you are ready for this, then let’s dive in.

4 Ways To Save Your Marriage Alone

1) Stop the blame game:-

it’s always easy to point fingers at our partner, especially when things are not going the way they should, but believe me when I told you that such is disastrous to your relationship.


Pointing fingers didn’t start today, you can trace it to the beginning of man as written in the book of Genesis, where Adam blamed both God and Eve for eating the tree of life. Since then, couples have been pointing fingers at each other when needs are not met.

Blame game in marriage shows the couples inabilities to go through challenges and come out stronger, instead it creates mistrust and hardening of hearts.

Stop blaming yourselves if you want to save your marriage alone because it immobilizes every plan of progress you want in your relationships and drowns every other efforts of getting thing better. 

So even if there’s an endless list of why you should blame your partner for, drop it, to avoid causing more troubles.

2) Take responsibility:

Make up your mind to do anything that’ll get your relationship back on track.

Changes will only come when you take. responsibility of your actions and stop the blame games.

Taking responsibility really means that no matter who is faulty, ” I can still do something differently that will add value to your relationship.

Always think about the sacrifices you can make for your relationship? What button can you push together as spouse and what button would you stop pressing to save the troubles?

Truth is that most couples knows what to or what not to do to save their marriage and I am so amazed they are not doing it at all.

Don’t let that be your story.

3) Seek experts help:

A lot of marriages became successful after seeing a marriage a therapist and so if others are getting what they want after counselling session, you too can get the same.

Therapists are people specially trained in the field of helping couple save their marriage and so it will not be a mistake if you seek their help in saving your relationship.

However, try to do your research well to get the best therapist to work with.

My article “how to locate a good therapist will guide you on how to find seasoned marriage counselor.

Like I said earlier, some marital issues needs special attention, so do not hesitate to look for one.

4) Take action:-

Failure comes when you refuse to do anything or not doing the right thing.and It is always easy to be paralyzed by your situation (analysis paralyses.)

This is what happens when you get so overwhelmed trying to figure out how to solve your problems and yet do nothing.

It’s good to know why your marriage is going through stress, but the most important thing to do is to take actions daily. Remember, no problem can solve  itself.

Question is,

Do you want your marriage saved?

Am quite sure if you follow all I have written in this post, then your marriage will come out of the pit again.

Remember doing nothing will only earn you nothing.

In conclusion:-

If you are ready to take action, then let me introduce to you one of the best resources on the internet that will help you save your marriage alone big time “Save the Marriage Even if you only want it” You can get it here.