Importance of Sex in a Marriage & How To Improve




It’s importance every couple knows the importance of sex in a marriage, even before getting married.

I decided to write on this topic because many couples have completely forgotten the power of sex and how it helps in sustaining their marriage.

A lot of couples have been through series of problems in their marriages because they neglected to solve the problem of boring sex life starting in their faces.

The truth remains that

Marriage is a very sacred institution that needs day to day attention. It does not end in planning your wedding very well, or having a wonderful honeymoon.

It doesn’t even matter if you are just married today or you have been married for a very long time, there is every need for constant planning, nurturing and learning when you want to improve your relationship.

There’s so much more to discover about marriage, and how to make your it more successful and happy. You must devote yourself to learning those things that will improve the quality of your marriage every time.

It is a must do.

The sexual relationship of your marriage is one of those aspects of your marriage you need to know more about.

There is a proof that passion in marriage often reduced after a long time of relationship. Couple usually discover that there is a reduction in their sense of humor, urge for sex as well as libido. This could make marriage fall or become boring if proper care is not taken.

I have also seen so many marriages collapsed because there is no sexual satisfaction. Probably, the man or the woman went outside the marriage to get that satisfaction. And let’s face the fact. If your spouse gets the satisfaction he/ she need outside, then it may be very hard for you to get your spouse back.

The reason that couples are not supposed to go out to get sexual satisfaction, calls for you to try everything to improve the sexual relationship in your marriage.

I have listed some of the way you could improve on it.


Importance Of Sex In A Marriage and How to Improve On It.


Improve Communication in Your Marriage:– Communication is always important when it comes to making a marriage work better. Make it a priority to improve communication in your marriage.

There are so many thing to talk about with your spouse. Talk about your general marriage and family, talk about your fantasies, about your sex life. Communication will increase the closeness of you and your partner. It will also help to bring intimate relationship between the two of you.

Create the Atmosphere:- This start from sending an emotional text massages to your spouse when she/ her is away. Tell those beautiful things that will make your spouse feel loved.

Tell him/her how you love to be alone, just the two of you. This will begin to send good signals to him. When the two of you are together in the house, don’t rush things. Welcome him/her with a worm kisses, hold the hands and gently caress them.

Then when you are on the bed, take some time to do the foreplay. This will create an atmosphere for good sex.


Have Quickies :- Do not have a specific time of having sex. Most couple wait till they are on the bed before they could have sex. No! it doesn’t matter where, how, or when.

The best is to have quickies. You can have it before you go out for work in the morning, you can have it in the kitchen, at the sitting room, in the bathroom, in the car anywhere that you feel like.

All these will help to improve your marriage boring sex.




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A Better Way to Keep Score and Keep Your Marriage Happy

I know. That’s contrary to what gurus have been spouting since
the day Adam met Eve. So, before you decide I’m some sort of
nut, let me add that I am no-way-Jose advocating the all too
popular tit-for-tat “two rights make a wrong” justification of
your bad behavior by that of your partner. Nope. That is not a
good idea, not if you want a great relationship.

Having said that, it’s time to ‘fess up. We all keep score. Even
the most destined-for-sainthood soul to ever grace planet Earth,
can’t help but notice if their sweetheart “wins” more often than
not, has stepped on their toes one too many times, or has been
wonderful more often than not.

That’s because we assess a thing’s value and make decisions by
quantifying. To determine if the car you’re considering is worth
the price, which house to buy, whether to get a dog, move to
another state, or stay in a relationship, you weigh the pros and
cons. You calculate the pluses and minuses.

In your relationship, points are being awarded and deducted all
day long. Your sweetie brings you coffee in bed, plus five.
Morning coffee follows a night of wild sex, 30-point bonus. You
have a day of nonstop meetings and your sweetheart has lunch
delivered to your office, 20 points. Lunch includes your
favorite cheesecake, 10-point bonus. Your partner borrows your
car and returns it with an empty tank, minus ten. Stopping for
gas makes you late for a meeting, 20 point penalty. Your sweetie
leaves a wet towel on the bed, minus five. It was on your side,
20-point penalty. It’s the fourth time this week, 50-point

It’s this kind of “scorekeeping” we can’t help but do. True, we
don’t give or deduct actual points, but we give greater
emotional weight to what most affects us. If it were otherwise,
the gift of a sports car would have the same “point value” as a
paperback; infidelity would have the same “point penalty” as
being late for dinner.

Every lost point results in a wound to the relationship. Acts of
love, kindness and support mitigate the damage. It’s the balance
of pluses to minuses that determines the health of our
relationship. Given that, shouldn’t it be your goal to earn as
many and lose as few points as possible? It’s easy if you start
every day by asking yourself how you can make your sweetheart’s
day better. Take a moment to clean the cat box even though her
cat doesn’t give you the time of day. Sew that button on his
shirt even though he knows where the needle and thread are kept
as well as you do. Offer to run an errand, have her car washed,
prepare his favorite meal. And never miss an opportunity to go
for the gold. She doesn’t get her Ph.D. every day. He doesn’t
land a big promotion every day. Make those occasions special.

Stop pretending you don’t keep score. Instead, keep score in a
way that reminds you of the big and little ways in which you
love each other. Do it with Frequent Foreplay Miles, a system
for creating and sustaining what I call Total Intimacy. With
Frequent Foreplay Miles any couple-straight or gay, married or
not-can learn how to nix the tit-for-tat and instead build a
rock-solid relationship.

About the Author: Shela Dean is Relationship Happiness Coach,
speaker, and author of Frequent Foreplay Miles – Your Ticket to
Total Intimacy. Her book and advice have helped many couples in
their journey towards improving intimacy and strengthening
marital bonds.


Five Useful Secrets Of A Successful Marriage

Secrets of a successful marriage

This is obviously what I learn from my wife. They are the secrets of a successful marriage, or rather how anyone can stay happily married for ever. You can as well inculcate it in your marriage. If it worked for me it could work for you too.

Now we are married, the honey moon and all the other marriage ceremonies are over. I am now alone with my wife. Now how can we move forward? How can we face the real issues in our marriage to make it work for us?

The obvious truth is that even before the wedding bell rang, every couple already has dreams on how their marriage life is going to be.

There is always a mental pictures of how they will make their marriage to be attractive to many other couples, how they will wake up from the other side of the bed, the kind of food they will serve in their home, and vice versa

I know you had those dreams too; I did too. It started coming to pass the way I hoped from the first year to the eight year, things started going from best to better and then it came to the time that we had to review our marriage again.

What has happen between the first year of our marriage to this time? Is there anything we could do to get those moments back again?

Remember we are serious about staying happily married. That when we started looking for the secrets of a happy marriage. What did those couples do be be happy in their marriage?

We had to look for those things we must try to do if our marriage must work for us. These are the steps we took to restore our marriage.

Five Useful Secrets Of A Successful Marriage

1) We Learn the Real Meaning of Love:-

To stay happy in your marriage, you must learn the real meaning of love. My wife told me that to love your spouse starts from the very moment you say the word “I love you” and when the word came straight from the bottom of your heart.

This will make you to keep yourself from telling other ladies you love them too. Bible says that “Out of the abundance of heart the mouth speaks.

Again love can be expressed through patience, tolerance for the mistakes of your spouse, meeting the needs of your spouse and avoiding critics.

2) Lay Down the Dreams Of a “Perfect Marriage” and Start Working Towards a “Good Marriage”:-

I know you will be surprised to see that heading? Yes it is true; there are no perfect marriages out there. My simple reason is because there is no perfect person. There are some more or less ideal marriages, but they are the ones that have been worked out through the years.

Marriage is one of the most difficult and more complex of all the human relationships and so it requires skills, patience, emotional and spiritual growths.

3) Discover Your Spouse Personal, Unique Needs and Try to Meet Them:-

Recognize that your spouse is not precisely like any other person on earth. He/ she is absolutely like you are. He has needs, the same way you do.

Forget about and other things you know about what people are, and discover who your spouse is like. You will be unable to meet all your couple’s needs. No one can do so, but you must know and try your best possible best.

4) Abandon All The Plans of Changing Your Spouse:-

Remember this very important axiom: We can change no other person by direct action; we can change only ourselves, and when we can change, then others tend to change in reactions to us. If you have this in your mind, then you will quit trying to change your spouse. Staying happily married starts with you changing yourself first.

5) Pray for patience:-

The greatest secrets of a successful marriage is to have patience. Some challenge may come in your marriage, and you will feel the best thing to do is to live your marriage. No! The first thing to do is to ask God for patience to stand the test of time, All will be well again.

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