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Your marriage is not about your happiness

Here is what I mean

Marriage is not just about you, it’s not about your joy and happiness either, it is about love, forgiveness, serving, reconciling, commitment and all those things you have to lay down for the success of your relationship.

That’s why I feel so amazed whenever I hear people say “I will never be in a relationship /marriage if I am not happy ” I tell myself what a selfish world we are in.

Obviously, if you see marriage as a contract where you stay as long as you are getting what you want instead of where you ‘ll need to sacrifice to get a better relationship, then you are totally ignorant of what marriage is all about.

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Get Committed

Until you realize that it takes commitment and not divorce, it takes giving your time even when it’s not convenient for you until you learn to help get the children back from school because you know that your partner needs to rest for a while until the first thing that comes to your mind whenever you wake up in the morning changes from I am not happy with marriage too, what new thing can I do today to make my relationship the best.

Until you understand how to put someone else before you, then you are yet to know what true love is.

To me, the true definition of love is you before me and that’s what marriage is all about.

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  1. Sharing a life with someone is definitely about not just your own happiness. It becomes more about our happiness than either one person and both should definitely be happy as well.

  2. While personal happiness is important, marriage, and really, any relationship in general is about sacrificing parts of your happiness and your time to ensure the other person is where they need to be. Without this, the relationship is bound to fail.

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