Toxic relationship: What is a toxic relationship?

To leave with them successfully, You must learn how to counter all their negative lifestyle with positive declarations. That will keep you afloat all the time.

However, when you give consent to their demeaning statements, you’ll be greatly affected by their intimidations.

Happy couple,

– A Jealous Relationship.

Lately, I overheard someone vowing that God should restrain his wife from becoming rich because if she becomes rich, he will send thieves against her.

In as much as that sounds impossible, or funny, yet it portrays a high jealous partner.

Even if you won’t send thieves against your spouse, there are other ways you are showing your jealousy to your partner.

By having unrealistic expectations for your partner, you are proving how jealous you are.

Whether it is you or your partner that is full of jealousy, you should know that it is a good sign of a toxic relationship.

– The Perfection Seekers.

If you are in that relationship where you never do anything good to your partner, even when you put all your efforts, you are in a toxic relationship.

Everyone feels motivated when shared up or appreciated for the little wins, but your best can never be good enough to your jealous partner.

You cooked the best food and to your perfectionist spouse, your meal doesn’t taste any better.

Is that your partner’s character? Then he/she is a toxic partner.

– Unrepentant Cheater.

Cheating is bad and no form of cheating is justifiable. When a partner cheated on you and became sober for their action, you can pardon them.

If your partner didn’t feel any sorry and continues with the act, then you are not respected at all

Need I say that you should quit the relationship immediately.

– Trust Issues.

You and I know that trust is important in every relationship. When trust is lacking, it shows that there is always betrayal.

It’s either you are not living an open life or your partner isn’t and whenever trust is broken, it’s always disastrous.

Your relationship cant stand without trust,

Every relationship requires a great amount of trust to thrive. If trust is lacking in your relationship today, that may be because there are secrecy and betrayals

Those two are great impediments to relationship growth. Love doesn’t last long where there is no trust. Again, trust is a kind of poison to any marriage. If you can’t trust your partner, then there is no need of remaining there, because there will never be harmony.

Toxic partner, toxic relationship

– Gossip Partner.

Is either you or your partner listens and acts on gossips. People outside can put fire in your relationship by feeding you with lies.

This works effectively where there is no trust. You may not verify if the lies are true before acting on them.

A good partner doesn’t listen to gossip, because there is trust, he/she won’t listen to anything against his/her spouse.

Toxic relationship: What is a toxic relationship?

What To Do In A Toxic Relationship.

If you find yourself in a toxic relationship, it is left for you to choose what to do next; should quit or stay put?

Meanwhile, if you wish to stay put, or still asking whether it is possible to fix a toxic relationship, then here is my answer.

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