15 Effective steps for choosing the right partner now.

Be yourself and remain resolute. Whatever will be, will be; if your new partner won’t love or want you the way you are, then you are not meant to be together in the first place… Be on the lookout for your right partner and forget whoever refused to like you for who you are.

10) Keep Your Checklist Aside For Sometime:

One of the first advice you will hear from people when you tell them you are choosing the right partner to marry is to write the list of what you want in a spouse. To some extent, your checklist may be the best help for you, but in some cases it will be another problem to face.

I will advise you to keep the checklist aside, and concentrate on God’s plan for your near perfect partner. If you depend on that list, you can miss God’s plan for you. Believe me when I told you that it has never been that easy to find a perfect “checklist partner,” when you think that you have tick all on your checklist at last, it will make you the most important caution to the air, and then disregard the none important qualities.

The best relationship is such that there is strong emotional compatibility. What matters is to marry who God provides for you and not what your list provides for you.

11) Be On The Lookout For The Commonest Qualities:

There are some common qualities that are always apparent in that man or woman that will make a good spouse. They are:

  • Empathy
  • Relaiability
  • Honesty
  • Trustworthiness
  • Integrity
  • Diligence
  • Kindness
  • Generosity. Etc.

Anybody that possesses these qualities will be a good partner to you. Don’t miss that type of person, but don’t also rush into marriage with him or her. Also, look for other criteria like – a good singer, good swimmer, caring person, sense of humor, and other things. If you get this person at last, you have hit a jackpot.

12) Be The Right Partner Everybody Wants:

When choosing the right partner to marry, it is important that you become the type of person everybody wants to be around with. People will not marry you unless they come close to you and find you attractive to them.

The question is: what happens when people come around you for the first time? They run away or want to remain with you? When people find it hard to stay with you fora long time, something is wrong; so change that immediately. Everybody wants to be with an easy going person.

Like attract the other. If you are a good and interesting person to be with, you are also likely to attract someone interesting to your life. Therefore, start mending your character or self from now and watch what happens in the next few weeks or months.

13) Spend Enough Time Together:

You’ll only know your prospective partner well by being close to him/her. This is why you should plan to meet with each other at will, in order to know each other. When you spend time with each other, it will be easier for you to learn who and what they like or don’t like: you will also be able to know how compatible you are with each other.

So, in this process of choosing the right partner to marry, never be afraid of meetings. Meet at different days, hours, alnd places. Just spend some quality times each time you have the oppurtunity to be together.

14) You need someone who will Honour You And You Love Him:

God gave the husband and wife very different tasks that will make their relationship succeed and the tasks must be done the way God wants it so you can have the success He want’s you to have.

Therefore, as you are choosing the right partner, choose a man who will love you and the woman that will honour you, just as the Lord commanded in Ephesians 5. If you follow the steps and God’s directives, you” ll not make mistakes.

15) Honesty And Trust Are Also Important:

Trust and honesty are two things you can’t joke with in any relationship; any relationship that lacks it can never stand

The only way to make sure the culture of trust and honesty never lacks in your home, but you can only achieve that from the very first time of choosing the right partner. Concentrate of knowing how trustworthy or honesty your prospective spouse is before deciding to marry him/her.

Take Away:

You know that marriage isn’t a child’s play, so take all that I have written here seriously, so you don: blame yourself later. Choosing the right partner to marry should be done with carefulness, and I have listed so many steps to guide you. Below is the recap of the ways of choosing your Mr and Mrs. Right.

  • Know What You Want.
  • Love Yourself.
  • Learn from your experiences.
  • Don’t choose under fear.
  • Have the right intentions
  • Find someone you can easily connect with.
  • Be with someone who makes you laugh.
  • Be yourself always.
  • Observer the commonest qualities.
  • Also be the right partner.
  • Spend enough time with each other.
  • Find someone you love and who respects you.
  • Look for an honest partner.

Follow the list carefully, and remember to invite me to your wedding when things work out well for you.

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