Understanding the Things That Makes a Woman Happy In a Marriage.

If a man is conscious of having a happy marriage, Then he must know the things that makes his wife happy.

It is always the commitments of both couples that help so much in building a happy family. However, I believe that as a man, knowing the things you need to know about how you can make your woman happy will make achieving your goal of a happy family very easy for you.

Women are always too emotional and they are very strong at that. They are too easy to excite and they are too easy to be hurt. You may go on and call her whatsoever name you choose to, like beautiful, sexy or gorgeous, that is good! But, if she didn’t feel like it, it will not move her a bit. Your utmost task as her husband is to make her feel all of those things and even more. Her most expectation is to love, respect adore and trust her. Most times when a woman is stressed up outside, they expected that you will help her to calm the situation. Most husbands do not understand, they go a head to demand of the things the wife could do ; like cooking and having sex, without even showing concern about the their wives motions.

Every woman expect her husband to pay attention to whatever they want to say at least to make attempt in understanding her and also at least to help where you could.

Learn how to validate your wife more often. Tell her about those beautiful eyes of her, those succulent lips, about those gorgeous dresses she is wearing. They enjoy validation more than any other thing, and they are ready to receive it from other men outside when you are not ready to give it. Remember you are very anxious in making your marriage a happy one so you must be ready to do all those thing you should do to make it so, and making your wife happy is one of the things you must do.

Be your wife’s companion and her guide. Every Woman expects that her husband will be there all the time for her, that mean she is always confidence that no one can harm her when you are there.

Don’t scold your wife; learn how to keep your voice at a lower tune when you are talking to her. No matter what she did, they feel so loved when you understand this.

You must understand these steps to make your wife happy and to make your marriage a happy one.


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