8 powerful thoughts to change your marriage now

3) Think The Health Of Your Marriage:

Being conscious of your health and your partner’s health is also important.

It is the healthy couples that make a healthy marriage. Therefore, you shouldn’t joke about anything concerning your health.

Here is what to do on daily basis.

Have some medical checkups: 

check your sugar level to avoid diabetes.

Monitor your blood pressure, to avoid high or low blood pressure.

Do other tests to know your health status. All these are important because only the living can have a good marriage.

Also, remember that the success of your marriage depends on your health too.

4) Think Forgiveness:

Whether you like it or not your partner must offend you. It is unavoidable in every relation, “because nobody is perfect.”

You too have made some mistakes. You have offended your partner, but they probably overlooked it so that peace will reign.

Think about forgiveness if you want to have a blessed marriage.

No matter what happens, find a way to forgive and move forward. It may not be easy to do, but that’s one of the sacrifices to make for the best marriage you want to have.

5 Think About Your Commitment To Your Marriage:

Marriage works better when you work as a team, but it works better when you put your best to make it work. In other words, think of your commitment.

What would you do today to add value to your partner, or your marriage? Do that, even if it inconveniences you.

For example:

– Choose to say sorry to your spouse even when you are not at fault.

– Go the extra mile to make sure your marriage works.

Your marriage will be much better when you sacrifice to make your marriage better.

6) I Need To Change My Spouse:

Thought can change your marriage positively or negatively.

One of the thoughts to change your marriage negatively is to think of changing your partner.

If you are having such thoughts as to change your partner, then you are taking the step that will destroy your marriage instead of saving it.

Researchers have proved that encouraging your partner instead of trying to change then works better. That is true because “you can’t teach an old dog a new trick.”

Moreso, Rachael Pace said that “your spouse is not a pet project that you want to change to your taste.”

Trying to change your partner can cause so much stress to you and your marriage, so it is not advisable for you to embark on that journey at all.

Check out the checklist of what you will get when you want to change your partner.

Negative  effects of trying to change your spouse:

You will be discouraged.

Your partner will hate you more for trying to change him or her.

It promotes emotional distances.

You will look disrespectful. Etc.

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