11 Of The Separation Process Rules To Note Now.

This is the best time to set up your expectations concerning how you contact each other.

What time of the day will be good to visit or have your partner visit you? What method will be comfortable for you to see yourselves, call, chat, text, or WhatsApp each other?

It may not be that easy for you to see face to face, so choose what method of communication that suits both of you.

5) Decide Who Takes Custody Of The Children:-

This is another piece of separation process advice you shouldn’t take likely, especially when children are involved.

You and your partner must decide who takes care of the children and how they are to be visited during the separation.

This moment can be somewhat emotional and challenging, but the best you can think of now is how you can make your children have the best.

it is also important for both of you to desist from spoiling your children’s minds against the other.

6) Maintain Good Communication With Your Partner:-

Every couple knows the importance of communication in marriage. It is the number one tool for every successful marriage or relationship and it always plays an exceptional role during separation.

Try having quality communication with each other will be essential as it will help you to grow together once again.

The best way to communicate to have your marital bliss back is to have a face-to-face talk, however, instead of losing touch completely, find a way to communicate, no matter how.

Therefore, irrespective of what type of separation you are having, keep your communication strong.

You may be surprised at what will happen by the time you come to the end of your separation process.

Separation process success rules

7) Decide Your Living Arrangement:-

How do you wish to go through this separation process? Are you moving out to another apartment or staying together?

This is an important thing to put into consideration. Most people will want to move out to another apartment and others don’t.

You have to make that decision on time as you share your financial obligations. Set the timeline for your moving out, and also set the boundary about how and when to visit each other.

In Conclusion:-

In this post, I have mentioned about seven important rules to have a successful separation process without much stress, and some of the points I mentioned can not be overlooked. For example

In the area of communication; we know how important communication is in keeping our relationship stronger. Here, you will learn how you should apply your relationship skills for a successful separation process.

Setting up your boundaries is another important factor to consider as you separate from your spouse. You will know how to set a good boundary.

You will also need to define your living arrangements. There are questions for you to answer to know what to do during the separation regarding how to live during separation.

I mentioned so many things to help you succeed during the separation. Read the post, again and again, to learn how.

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