Roles of a woman in building a happy marriage

Often times when it looks as if your marriage is becoming unhappy or failing, everyone starts blaming the other for the new experiences. But when it comes to making a marriage successful each couple must know the roles of a woman and that of a man in making a relationship work.

So instead of blaming the other person, both of you should come together to know how to make things better again in your marriage.

Although it may not be that the love has died, it may be a momentary emotional withdrawal but the blame is not supposed to be for the men only, women are supposed to share on the blame.

Every happy and successful marriage is built on the commitment of couples. Of course, if the happiness depends on the commitment of husband and wife, then the blame should also be shared among the two also. But there is a unique role that women are supposed to play to make the plan work.

I was opportune to discuss with some couple that was having challenges in their marriages; most of the facts I gathered showed that there are certain attitudes the women exhibits that are capable of making a man start withdrawing from her.

This is why every woman should know the roles she will play to bring her husband back and close again.

All I listed below are the things a good wife should do to bring the joy back again

Roles of a woman in building a happy marriage.

1) See your husband as a friend: –

The reason why some marriages fail is when a wife starts seeing the spouse as a husband instead of a friend. Seeing your spouse as a friend, will make you know him better, know his likes and dislikes because you will always love to stay close to him, and one of the recipes of a good marriage is emotional intimacy.

When you see him as a husband, what you will have in mind is that he is different from you and there may be a gap between the two of you.

However, when you are friends there will be honesty, trust, and security. You will be rest assured that nothing bad will happen to you, because your friend will be there for you all the time.

Roles of a woman in building a happy marriage

Take your time to know him well, his likes and dislikes. Then you are sure you have the friend you want.

2) Don’t try to change him:-

One of the main keys to marital success is a compromise. That simply means we shouldn’t always desire to have our way in everything and every time in our relationship, and we should accept it that way.

All we need to do is simply adjust ourselves to accommodate the other person the way they are and be careful to observe our partner’s feelings before acting.

Never think of changing your husband, it may not work for you and may cause serious problems for you too. The change will only come if you could only get down on your knees and pray or change yourself first.

However, if you think you can do it on your own, then you will expect to have serious withdrawal from him.

3) Tell him about your needs and want effectively:-

You should be bold to tell your husband your needs and wants, but not with a harsh voice

Understand the best way and the best time to tell your husband about what you want. Do not always assume he knew about it, because he is not a mind reader Do not choose quarrel as a way of getting what you want from him,

There are better ways you can communicate your needs to your husband without fights.

4) Take care of yourself:-

Most women stop taking care of themselves once they are married. Every man wants his wife to look good and detest it when their wives are not looking after themselves.

Roles of a woman in building a happy marriage,marriage

Look back to those days when you where still dating to Marry, something attracted you to him – maybe the way you were looking smart and sexy, your beautiful elegant stature.

Now you don’t even know you are going out of weight, your hair is not been taken care of.

My advice to you is to try and get those old pictures back again. Take good care of yourself, change your wardrobe is you have few money to spend;  or take care of the ones you have already. Take your bath often and wear good makeup. You will attract him back.


5) Never discuss your marriage outside: –

Learn never to discuss your marriage or your husband or even the challenges in your marriage with anybody outside. It is better everything is settled in the house by you and your husband. Sharing your marriage problem outside could mar your marriage.

No one can help you, because everyone is busy dealing with his problems. If there is a need to share your problems, then look for a good marriage therapist. But must also be careful not to choose the wrong therapist, else, you’ll get the worst results that what you had before.

You can work with your partner to deal with any issues of any type of you will just compromise a little bit. That’s the trick.

6) Admit your wrongs:

If you spill the beans, accept it, and don’t cause serious arguments for what you did. The only thing that will save the situation is to quickly admit and say sorry.

Accept your mistakes when you are wrong and also be the first to say “I am sorry”. It is better than prolonging the matter.

Finally, if understand the roles of a woman in building a happy marriage, things will be pretty much easier for you to make things work well in your marriage.

Read the post carefully and try all the ideas I posted.

If these things are in place, then you are on your way to a strong happy and lasting marriage. Congratulations!

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