The Marriage Sweeteners: 7 Things that will make any Marriage Sweet

happy marriage, marriage sweetener, happy couples, marital happiness

happy marriage, marriage sweetener, happy couples, marital happinessDo you want your marriage sweet again? Now think about the marriage sweeteners that am going to share with you in this article.


I am sharing this article because I have seen the difference between a sweet and a biter marriage.


And I am so much interested in seeing your own marriage sweet; so you can stop your usual mid night cries. Remember, marriage is made to be enjoyed and not to be endured.


If you have been enduring your marriage, this article is all you need. It will streamline your journey, and make you rise up every morning from the other side of the bed.


But let me worn you beforehand; This may not work 100% for you as it is working for me, because you may not apply it the way I am doing.


Let us dive in immediately. 


Before I go on, here are other articles I have on this blog that will be of great help to your marriage.


You do not have to climb the highest mountain before you could make your marriage sweet. All you need is to believe that it is possible to make even the moribund marriages live again; and that brings us to the first marriage sweetener, which is…


1 Making God the center of your marriage: Mathew 6: 33 “Seek you first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; and every other thing shall be added unto you.


That simply shows that having God at the center of our marriage will attract more sweetness to the whole marriage; that means there will be balance.


Marriage is ordained by God Himself and He also takes delight in it too. Since he is interested in your marriage, why not allow Him to take the lead, why you follow.


All will be easier for you if you will only let Him. However if He is not in the center, there will be no balance and its regulations will be lost.


Much marriage did not stand the taste of time, simply because the thought they could do it alone.


Now, making God the center of your marriage means taking and holding Him by all His words concerning marriage.


As a man, God expects you to love your wife; and the woman to be submissive to your husband. Both you and your spouse must pass through God, the passing through is what introduce balance and sweetness to the relationship.


Devote yourselves to prayer which is the master key.

  • Always hold the hands of your spouse as you agree on certain needs. Remember whatever two of you agree upon you will have. That means if you want to take over the world, you agree on that and it will happen.
  • Pray for your each: This is one thing most couples forget to do, even as they do their devotions.

Purse for a moment and ponder on how long you prayed for him/her last; it will amaze you that you always forget that.



If she means so much to you, then you must pray for her calling her name.


It is obvious that couples that are godly make great difference. So, start now by submitting to God and everything will change.


stock-photo-34164654-roadside-romance2 Understanding: Understanding is another marriage sweetener every couple must know.


If you are willing to learn how to understand each other, a new hope and vision will manifest in your relationship and you will be more equipped to work on your marriage and make it a standard one.


Try and understand why your spouse thinks do or act the way he or she does. That will make you change your thinking about your spouse.


Good understanding starts from clear communication by the couples, which helps them to connect with each other.


Creative and effective communication can always enhance relationships and make marriage stronger.


Expressing our needs and thoughts as well as listening to others are the main ingredients that help relationships to mature and also make us feel understood.


To have a more quality relationship, we must try and understand those wheels that are driving our attitude and other peoples.


When we feel angry with someone then it may be because we have need that has not been met, both the most important thing should have been our needs and desires know.


When you did not make your needs known there is a tendency that the other person may misinterpret you and become angry too, and this can lead to a protracted misunderstanding.


However, when you understand your needs and that of your spouse that will give you a better opportunity to connect with usually trigger his or her actions.


It is also good you clearly make your needs and want known to your spouse, so as to get the properly attended to.


happy marriage, happiness in marriage, happy couples3 Sharing quality time: The time we spend together as couples adds more strength to the relationship we share.

The more time you share together with your spouse, the more opportunity you’ll have to share a quality experience.


Sharing quality time is not about having sex, but it is all about eating together, watching movies together, reading together, discussing about the events of the day, holding hands as you take a walk and doing the house chore together.


Of course I understand you will attend to your job, but you can still find some moments for quality connection with your spouse.


It does not matter if it is only one minute, a whole day, a whole week or a whole year; it all depends on how committed you are to make it happen.


Here are reasons you should make this a priority.


  • It will help the two of you to have deeper connection, that will sustain your during the trial moments.
  • It gives you an opportunity to learn and grow together as well as individually.
  • You will have more time to share about your weaknesses and strength.

If you have never given a thought to this, then I implore you try it and watch the impact it will make in your relationship.


happiness in marriage, marital blis4 Appreciation: This is another important marriage sweetener if you do it with a sincere and honest heart.


Remember how it is when you were dating, you were very detailed whenever you observe anything on your partner like the appearance or his/ her deeds.


However, when we get used to the relationship, we tend to forget those praises. Today I implore you to consider making a U turn.


It will not be hard if you want to make a change. Mere changing the word I love you in some occasions and telling about the things you love about him or her can do some magic.


5 Be cute and neat always:


Your spouse married you because you have the qualities he/she wanted, and one of the things that made you attractive was how neat and cute you used to be.


Now you are married and you think those things are not important again; it is still important. Make sure you look neat and smell nice whenever you come near your spouse.


That will attract him or her to want to hold and caress you, which will make him or her proud of you.


Show that you understand that cleanliness is next to Godliness.


6 Daily touches:Let me ask you this question now and just be frank to answer it: When was the last time you hugged, kiss and stroke your spouse fore arm?


With so many distractions we have in our daily busy lives, so many couples don’t have enough time to do the touching any more


For your marriage to be sweet you must develop a good emotional intimacy. That means you must find time to kiss, hold hands, cares. This will bring a powerful sensation to your marriage.

happiness, eouching your spouse,love,joy,peace


Researchers have said that the couples who are happier are those who touch themselves more often.


If you really want to make improvement in your marriage, then you must make it a point of duty your spouse at least twice a day, when you are going out in the morning and when you come home.


Here are few reasons you must not forget that:


  • It is fun, so exciting, and will make you feel good
  • It gives you reasons to be close to your spouse one more time.
  • It will make your relationship stronger and happier.
  • When romance is not present in marriage, the marriage becomes just a day to day living.

You see, touching your spouse could be could be one the most fun and the easiest gift you can give in your relationship.


Now, if you have not been doing that, start today; at least 20 seconds in the morning and 1hr in the evening.


Would you promise me to start today?…


You will obviously see the impact it will make in your marriage.


7 Go to bed necked: Many people said that it takes more work to make a marriage work. Now, answer these questions if you say that too.


  • Is it a big work to hold your spouse?
  • Is it a big work to buy gifts for your spouse?
  • Is it a task to take a walk with your spouse?
  • Is it a task to take your spouse to the moon?

This is the big one. : )

Is it a big task to make sweet love to your spouse?


If you answer no to those questions, then you should have seen that marriage is not a big job. All you need is just a little twick, and all is rosy again.


I know what is going on in your mind now! So let me make it clear to you.


If every other thing is not all that important, then sex is the pivot that carries every other aspects of marriage.


Some couples have made sex of no relevance, or a yearly occurrences, or even a when we need a baby thing. That is wrong!


Make sure you are on fire at all times, your spouse needs that.


And if you think your sex life is boring, you can revive it.

Here is how!

  • Whenever you wake up in the morning, tell your spouse how wonderful it feels is to wake up by his/her side.
  • In the afternoon, send massages to him/her reminding each other how you are missing him/her. That is when you are not close with each other
  • In the evening time, tell your spouse you can’t wait to have him/her by your side.
  • And then when you want to go to be, do that naked.

The atmosphere will be so saturated with love. Don’t you think so?


Rounding up:


Dear, these are inevitable in marriage. Even if your marriage is at the point of death, these will bring it back to life.


However, it is easier than done; but the people that achieve their aims in life are the people that have their mind made to achieve it and I know you want your relationship strong.


So go ahead and put all these marriage sweeteners to work, and just let me know when I will come for the celebration.


Do feel free to ask any question; remember I am here for you and I make out time to answer any question.


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