9 Signs of an emotionally unavailable man


4) Full Of Self:

These guys are self-centered, what they know is “me, myself an,d I.”

His focus is always on himself, because of that, he doesn’t care about how to have a successful relationship with you.

His whole energy is geared to his personal life, boosting his ego and only seeking to make himself better without care about another person.

He will never be part of anything that wouldn’t favor him, and he will never talk about your interests.

Even when you go to him for encouragement, he will never be there for you, but he will not be happy when you are not there for him when he is in distress.

The truth is that if you keep staying with him, then be ready for big surprises, because they can do anything they want without considering how you feel.

Emotionally unavailable man, when a man is egocentric

5) Hit And Run is Always Their Mission:

He knows how to compliment and make you feel he care about you, but all his plans are nothing but to make you fall for them so they can have sex with you.

Forget it, they are not fans of long-term relationships, neither do they care about your emotions and once they succeed in their mission, they find an excuse to leave when you are already enthralled.

If you meet someone like that, take your time to know what he wants from you, if you find out he is interested in having a quick sexual relationship with you at that early time, don’t let him succeed. He will back out immediately he fails.

6)  Anger Is Part Of Their Strategies:

No matter how humble and good you are to them, you will never please him and you will be surprised as any small flaw can make him very mad at you.

It is only a strategy to avoid getting closer to you. However, when they want to gain from you, they become so good and they wouldn’t mind playing a fool to get what they want at that moment. Once they succeed, he finds a way to get mad at you so you will feel frustrated and quit the relationship.

7) He Will Never Support You:

One of the ways you’ll know if your partner is an emotionally unavailable man is when it comes to supporting you says, Hoffman.

You will always know that he will not support you in anything and if you don’t feel supported by them,  you will not feel understood or cared for too.

Hoffman also said that people like that may have some deep issues they want to connect with first before connecting to you.

That’s a sign to note and when these show up in his character, your best approach may be to take that big decision you have on your mind.

8) If He Likes To Do Things Alone:

Because he doesn’t want any relationship, this guy will always keep himself busy with anything that not that important, just to keep away from you.

He may be watching a cartoon or playing a video game that does not make that sense at that particular time, but he will just engage in those things so he won’t chat or relate with you on anything. That is a sign of an emotionally unavailable man

9) He Takes More From You And Gives Less:

In a good relationship, couples know how to give and take proportionately so no one feels cheated everyone is ready to meet each other’s needs without looking back

But, you will not experience such when you are with an emotionally unavailable man. He is just interested when he knows he will get more from you than to give.

You will know that you are doing more for your marriage than he does.


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