How to spend quality time with your spouse


One of the ways couples can enjoy a happy and healthy life, is to spend quality time together.

Tell me! How often do you share quality time with your spouse? Yes! You do spend 10 hours every day.


That is good; but I am more concerned about the quality of the time.


Did you have more opportunities to share your dreams, your thoughts’ and your feelings the way you did when you were newly married to each other?

It is obvious that while some couples spend time together, most other couples did not get the best quality time that is really needed to enjoy a happy and healthy marriage.


Some couples today have understood that being married alone does not guarantee the quality of their stay together. Marriage is more about “making and taking” the time you have to share with your companion.


At the earlier stage of marriage, it is always very easy to achieve that, but as the year goes by, it starts collapsing.


That is the more reason why some marriages has broken up today.


If you are interested in enjoying a happy healthy marriage life, you must make every of your stay with your spouse a quality one, because that is very necessary and the most important part of any marriage or relationship.


It is all about having fun together and keeping the fire of your marriage burning.

Below are Some Important Tips to Help You Make good use of your stay with your spouse.


How to spend quality time with your spouse

1) Make up your mind to Share quality times with your spouse:-

To keep your marriage strong and healthy, couples must make every effort to share quality times together as one. With the daily stress experiences by all,


It could be very easy for couples to overlook the time they share with each other. This can make a relationship suffer.


My advice for you is to find a way to carve out time from your busy schedule and make it a point of duty to spend time with your partner regularly.


2) Take Your Bath Together:-

It is usually a fun to share bath time together with each other scrubbing the back side of the other. It will help you to be closer with each other.


3) Spend time alone:-

Make out time to spend quality time alone with your spouse without your children. This is an opportunity you may have to talk about the future, discuss your dreams and other important things that will move your marriage forward.


4) No Distractions:-

Whenever you are spending time with your spouse, do not let and thing distract your attention. Most people are fond of doing other things when they are discussing with their spouse. This may divide the attention.


5) Do House Chores Together:-

Spend some time doing the cleanings together. It helps to bond couples together.
One of the easiest ways to enjoy a happy marriage health life, is to decide that it is exactly what you desire and then plan on the ways to start working on it.



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SIX Common Causes of Infidelity In Marriage

Have every asked yourself what are the causes of infidelity in marriage, have you ever had a feeling that your once a happy marriage is quickly crumbling because your spouse is cheating on you?

Have you looked into his/ her phone, diary or pocket/ bag and noticed some unusual emotional text massages, card from a person of opposite sex? Did you over heard him/her making some love conversation to an opposites sex over at the other side of the phone?

Many couples have been in this situation and unfortunately many of them could not give any good reasons why the infidelity started in the first place.

Infidelity in marriage doesn’t just happen. There are so many reasons why a woman or a man could decide to cheat on each other.

It is imperative to read and understand this article well, to know every reason that caused infidelity in other marriages and how you can shield it from affecting your own marriage. Remember you are striving to build a happy marriage.


Below are some of the most common causes of Infidelity in Marriage.


1) Not Having Time for your Partner:-

It is important that couples spend time with each other. Not just time but quality time. However, when there is not enough time to spend with your partner, infidelity sets in. This happens because the other partner in his/her quest to seek out another person to share time with may fall victim of infidelity without knowing it.


2) When Passion is Gone:-

After some years in marriage, passion slowly dies. The only difference between a broken marriage and a happy marriage is the ability to re-ignite passion in your marriage. Try to work on your passions if you think yours has disappeared. Do not allow your spouse to seek it outside. It may bring infidelity.


3) Curiosity:-

Some partners fall victim of infidelity just because they want to know what will happen in the “situation“.

To avoid that from happening in your marriage, have a chit-chat with your spouse and find a solution to that problem immediately.


4) Bad Friends:-

Bad company the say corrupt good manners. One maybe influenced by a friend to do what he/she doesn’t want to. Some times one couple cheats because his/her friend lured him into having a taste.

Meanwhile if your spouse did it at all, then there is no need blaming friends because he/she was not forced into it in the first place. The responsibility is he’s or her’s.


5) Revenge:-

One of the reasons why infidelity happens is when a spouse wants to revenge for what he/she thought the other party did.

Sometimes, your partner may feel that you are not faithful to him/her, probably for one reason or the other. This is why you must build trust in your marriage.

Inability to Satisfy your Spouse Sexually:-

This is one of the most common reasons people give when they cheat, most especially the women Most couples enjoyed everything in marriage but their sex life is very weak. If yours is the same, you should try and improve on it to prevent infidelity.


6) Emotional Validation:-

Everyone want to be appreciated. That is the main factor in the intimacy of partners or in what partners feel for each other. Learn to validate your spouse often or someone else will.

From all these points, you will know if you are the reason for your spouses infidelity or not. However, when infidelity occurs, the word has not come to an end.

You can still make up and move forward in your marriage. It may not be easy but you can still have a happy marriage after infidelity.