Thing you need to know to stay happily married for the rest of your life

If you have been married for 6-8 tears now and still living happily married, then you must be very gratefully to God for that; if not, this article is specially written for you. It is absolutely one thing to be married and another thing to stay happily married after some years. Let me throw a little light to what I have just said. In the earlier years of marriage, probably from the first year; things were going very well. There was peace; there was intimacy and joy between you and your spouse. But now, those things are no more and it looks as if it happening only in your own marriage. Your friends are enjoying their own and having a nice time with their spouse. Is there anything you are not doing well? I remember one slogan that said “If you do anything and have a positive result, then if you do the same thing again the same way, you will get the same result. Probably, there are things you were doing before that you are not doing now. I implore you today to look back to those good old days; you may see the course of the current situations in your marriage at this time. But, I have good news for you today; You can fix those holes in your marriage today if you will work with these point that I have listed in this article, they will make you stay happily married once again. Look back to the old days of marriage:- I heard a marriage counselor said that at the earlier years of marriage, a man will offer his hands to his wife when she wants to cross a gutter (drainage), but as the marriage goes on, those things are forgotten about. Now you even find it hard to open the door of your car for your wife to enter before you. If you could look back and try those things you were doing before, you could restore the things you use to see. Pray together and stay together: – Praying together is one other thing that could restore your marriage. It can only be by the grace of God. Always make God first, and every other thing will follow suite. The family that prays together; stays together. Enjoy sex together: – Sex is absolutely the most important thing in every marriage. It is the only thing couple share together with each other. Healthy sex can make your marriage strong. Learn to discuss about your sex life more. Sex promotes intimacy, and lack of sex is usually the more reason for marriage break ups. Be ready to face the world together as one:- The bible said that “ one would chase one thousand, but two can chase ten thousand. There must be challenges in marriage, but it is expected that two of you could face it together as one and never invite a second party. Believe and trust one another:- One of the things that keep a marriage strong and happy is the ability to trust your spouse. Lack of trust brings so many other negative things. Examples are infidelity and quarrels. Trust yourselves and believe in yourselves. Remember this; it will not automatic, but if you continue to work with these, little by little you will start seeing happiness in your marriage.

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