5 Things to do and not to do in marriage

Things to do and not do in marriage


Before two people come together as husband and wife, their main goal is to have a happy and successful marriage. However thing started changing when the marriage began to mature. To the couple, they just noticed that things are not rosy the way they use to be.


The joyful and happiness that they feel when they are together, the day out they used to share together starts dwindling. Now they want to be on their own.


What is the reason, why would couple start experiencing what they have never thought about before they come together in marriage?


There are thing that is lacking. I want to share some secret tips to make your marriage sweet and juicy again.


1. Never expect perfection in marriage:


Marriage happened when two people of different back ground, different parent, some times different ethnic groups come together. Because of these, there is no use to believe that everything will be perfect all the time.


If you have this in mind before going into it, you would have bullet proofed yourself to those challenges that will come in future.


Also always understand that your spouse is a human being who passes through stress and challenges all the day and you know what stress could cause.


Therefore expect some imperfections and make allowances for those human conditions.


2. Think about how to make your spouses life better every day-


Do nice things for your spouse. Think nice thoughts and most of the times, pray for your spouse.


3. Complement each other all the time-


Always fine time to complement each other. Hug each other often and say how beautiful or handsome your spouse each. Always be sincere when you are giving the complements.


4. Share responsibilities in the house-


We are no more in the world where the man works, and the woman stays in the house. Every bodies hand is on deck now to help makes thing easier in the family.


Since every body goes out and come back almost at the same time, why would the domestic works is left to only one person to do? Do help to relief the burden from your couple.


5. Love when it is too hard for you to love-

Whenever I hear that couple are filing for divorce, I began to thing about where those first feelings of love, joy, and peace that was once present in the marriage have gone to.


Obviously, when two people come together in marriage, they have feelings for each other, though the feeling usually become cold as the year goes by, you could still remember those moments of blissful feelings and say “ I am committed to this marriage , and I can’t let it die”.


Just try to love one more time, and restore your marriage back as a happy one.

4 Important keys of a happy relationship

 Important Keys Of A Happy Marriage


The most important keys of a happy relationship are found in those things you do as couples. Those feelings you had the very first time you fell in love with your spouse, those blissful moments of euphoria you have when your marriage was young and new are they still there?


If I could show you the 4 keys to a happy relationship, would you want to work with it? Only you could answer this question.


If those feeling are no more there, then let me ask you one important question; Would you want to have them back again? Would you still want your marriage happy, strong, and long-lasting? reading this article could be a great help too.


You will be able to get some important keys to a happy relationship that you have never seen before in these articles if you will pay more attention to all I will show you here.


Below are the 4 important keys to a happy relationship.

1) Learn how to sacrifice to your marriage

There is every reason why you really must make sacrifices for the growth and happiness of your marriage.

Simply put, you know that there are things you do which are taking more of your time, which leaves you with only a little time for your family.


If you will only be willing to let go of those things, you may be able to save your marriage from crumbling.

Go home early

Many men choose to hang out more with their friends instead of their spouses.

These could little by little bring differences between you and your wife, which will eventually bring quarrel and separation. Sacrifice those things now and bring your marriage back the way it was before.


2 Don’t try to change your spouse

Before the marriage, there were so many characters you may not have seen in your spouse before you married him.


These characters may start becoming conspicuous to you as the marriage goes on. It may be very tempting for you to believe you could change it by force.


Know this: it may not work if you try to change him or her, the only thing you could do at that time is to go down to your kneel or rather accept it.


3. Don’t keep track of the bad

One of the 4 keys of happy relationships you must pay more attention to is never tracking on the bad things but the good.


If you really want to a strong relationship with your spouse, you must hold this particular marriage secret firm to your heart.


Be focused

Learn to focus your attention on the good qualities of your spouse, most marriages crumble because the people involved are only remembering the bad attitude of the spouse instead of the good ones.


The best thing Is to complement the ones she or she did right and advice the way it could have been done to be right.

4. Say sorry more often

Your ability to show how sorry you are when you did something wrong will help to build your marriage, Saying I am sorry will make you have peace of mind.


A happy marriage is a union of two people who are good at forgiving each other’s mistakes. There are other steps you could take to achieve your goal. However, I think theses 4 keys of a happy marriage should be a priority in your list.

How to have a strong and lasting marriage

How To Have A Strong And Lasting Marriage

How do you feel when you see other couples having a strong and lasting marriage but not you? Don’t worry you are not alone. So many people had or are still not figuring out why their relationship is not working. The fact is that, so many marriages are on the verge of breaking up, even as at the time of writing this article.


Is this really the wish of the couple? Do they really want to break up after coming together in marriage?


Of course not:=}}


It is always every couple’s desire to have a sweet family, but along the line, things start changing. The love they all once knew starts getting sour and eventually breaking up becomes the final result.

If your marriage is in this state, there is good news for you.


You can actually make your marriage strong again today, by following these simple steps that I want to share with you now.


It may not be a quick fix, but a gradual process.
One important thing to know about having  a happy marriage is that it is not a man only or woman only affair,


Both of you must be involved and committed to making it happen.
So what exactly is it that makes a marriage strong​ you may ask? It is no rocket science, but just love, understanding, and learning.


How To Have A Strong And Lasting Marriage.


Have a positive mind about your marriage

Always have a positive mind about your marriage. From the very beginning of your marriage, make up your mind how committed you want to be in your marriage.


This will make you to always be in the repairing end instead of destroying end. You already knew that you want the relationship to be a strong and long-lasting marriage, so whatever your spouse does, you simply call it a mistake and immediately look for a way to fix it, because you know you are committed to this marriage. Just keep your mind in your main goal which is to have a happy and strong marriage.



Increase in emotional intimacy

Emotional intimacy is imperative in making your marriage successful. It is simply a sense of closeness with your spouse.


When there is emotional intimacy in marriage, there is closeness, there is more cuddling, more kissing, more communication between you and your spouse. The couple is found sharing more moments alone, maybe discussing their love for each other.


If there is no time for both you and your spouse to talk, then try and create that time, it will help to bring back the good times.



See your spouse as your friend

It is better when you see your spouse as your friend instead of a husband or a wife. This will give you the ability to share more with him or her. Seeing yourselves as husband and wife make it look as if one person is above the other.



Communication is very vital –

Communication between you and your spouse is very important. This simply means the ability to share feelings together.


Always have time you discuss with your spouse about how to move your marriage forward. Looking at the things you have done so far, think about the mistakes you have made so far and plan how to correct it and move forward.


Increase your emotional bank account-

I decided to add this because it is almost the worst enemy to having a happy and strong marriage.


Most at times, the things that bring discord in marriage are those little promises we made to our spouse that we did not fulfill or maybe we forgot to execute them. In my own marriage, I realized that I made promises that I did not fulfill, so when I made a new promise, my wife will not believe me.


Until I learn how to fulfill my promises, my wife refused to trust in me.


Learn how to forgive

Another way to have a happy and strong marriage is to learn how to forgive your spouse when he or she offends you.


Many people find it hard to say you did something bad to me but I have forgiven you. Since marriage is the coming together of different people from different backgrounds there is bound to be squabbles, but the ability to forgive and forget will make you keep moving as one.



I am sure these points will help you so much to get your marriage back and happy again.