How To Make A Good Foundation for Marriage

Making a better and good foundation for everything is very important because that is always the pillar that holds firm the other structures. And in this post, you will learn how to make a good foundation for your marriage.


This is also the case with marriage.
Marriage is meant to be enjoyed by couples. The reasons most husbands and wife are not getting what they desired in their own family is the foundation they built on.


Marriage can be built in either a good foundation or a wrong foundation.
Let us look at the few wrong foundations.



Starting your marriage with lies could cause a big disaster to your home in the future because anything that is hidden in this life must one day be revealed.


One day, I went to visit a friend of mine. I met him quarreling with the wife. The main reasons for the uproar were that all the lines were let loose. Many things the man said in order to win the wife were all lies.


It was by God’s grace that the marriage still stands today.


Remember. it always takes a lie to cover another lie. It is, therefore, better to start your marriage on a platform of truth than lies.



Money is important in everything and in marriage especially. However, using money as the foundation for your marriage can be destroyed at a later time.


You must understand that money can come and go at anything. Never base your choice of marriage on money, and never try to win any woman by brandishing money to her.



Beauty they said is good in the eyes of the beholder. Yes, I believe; but let it not be the criteria for your marital choice, instead, go for the moral beauty. Marry him /her because she is good on the inside.


How To Make A Good Foundation for Marriage


The Good Foundation For a Happy marriage.


Make God the foundation of your marriage and see the thing moving just smoothly. Start by acknowledging him. Let Him take the pre-eminence. Never take any step without him. Remember you can not do it alone.


Be yourself

Never try to become a superman or a superwoman, because you thought that is the type of woman or man people prefer. Be who you are. Let your spouse know that you are the same person he married.


Love yourself

The best way to move forward in life as a happily married man or woman is to love yourself first. Refuse to see yourself the way you think you are.


Maybe you think you have a big head, big eyes or chicken legs. Remember God created you like that.


You must love yourself first before any other person can. Be the best you can be for your husband; after all, he saw you the way you are before he married you.


Love your spouse.

No matter what happens, love is always the greatest. The Bible said that ‘love covers a multitude of sins. Marry someone that loves you for what you are and not for who you are. The opposite will break your heart into pieces.


Bed undefiled

One of the things the couple enjoys is sex. Therefore do not start enjoying the sex until you are married. Sex when started before marriage usually starts declining after some years in marriage. Let that be the very first discovery with your spouse.

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