Unveiling The Truth Now: Is Separation Required Before Divorce

Meanwhile, the separation period can also be an incredible chance for the husband and wife to resolve their issues and get their relationship working again.

If they are truly out to make their marriage work, separation will give them the time and large space to work on the issues the pressure, and the stress of living together.

Studies have shown that couples who separated for the sole reason of working on their marriage are more likely to reconcile and avoid divorce.

How Often Does Separation End in Divorce?

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The statistics regarding how often separation leads to divorce can’t give the same result.

However, a study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family shows that approximately only 20% of couples who choose separation eventually divorced within five years.

That is a clear indication that the majority of the couples who separated got their marriages back. Isn’t that wonderful? 

According to another study that was published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, it was discovered that most of the separated couples who reconciled have a wider chance to be together than those that didn’t

The experts found out after the study that about 72% of couples who later reconciled after separation were still living together and the 37% of couples who did not separate didn’t.

However, it is important to note that these statistics are not correct, because, every couple is unique, and the success of separation as a therapeutic tool (Therapeutic separation) depends on so many factors, including the duration of the separation, the reason, and the willingness for the duo to work on their issues

In Conclusion: –

I hope that today I have answered your question ” Is separation required before divorce? I have proved to you that separation is never a legal requirement before the divorce.

Separation can provide enough time for you and your spouse to reflect and sort out things like custody arrangements, and finances as well as adjust to the transition that comes at the end of the marriage.

In as much as separation does not lead to divorce, it is likely to increase the probability of divorce in some cases, especially if there is no effective communication, emotional distance, infidelity,  or you have different goals.

Nevertheless, if you and your partner are committed and desperate to make your marriage work, then separation can be that stepping stone you need to work on your issues and get things back again.

Have in mind that whether separation is whether separation required before divorce or not depends on the unique circumstances of each couple.


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