How to genuinely win your husband’s love again

How to win your husband's love again

Have you ever wondered how you can win your husband’s love again? Then I am going to reveal it to you here without holding back anything thing.

This will help you to bring back happiness and joy in your marriage.

It’s always common with women when they talk, yell and show disrespect to their husbands without understanding the implication of their actions.

Men are not likely to yell back at their wives some times, but they usually know what to do in their minds. My advice to you as a lady is to find a better way of talking to him than nagging and yelling.

Before I tell you how to get his love back again, I must also let you know most of the things that can make him fall out again if you are not careful to take them out of your character.

You must take note of these things to avoid future occurrences.

These are the things you must check.

You Nag And Shout At Him Always:-

Men don’t like to be nagged or shouted at all and your husband is one of them. Nagging is one of the biggest turn off for men.

Every man feels disrespect when they are being shouted at. Therefore if that is your character, your husband hates it.

Instead of shouting or nagging your husband, try using positive approaches. That’s the only thing that can work. However, when you shout at him, he will become defensive and resentful.

So each time you feel sad about anything your husband did, don’t shout at him, instead found a better way to express yourself.


Another reason your husband may fall out of love with you is when you compare him with others.

Comparison kills a marriage as poison does. It can undermine your relationship and it will make your man feel inferior.

Instead of comparing your husband, work on yourself first. Change your perceptions about him and concentrate on his pros instead of cons.

Motivating him to be/do his best will help him change for the better, but comparing him will make him avoid you.

Make your husband happy

When You Don’t Take Good Care Of Yourself.

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