How To Survive In An Unhappy Marriage Without Stress.

You have to decide to live your life again at this point. Since your relationship or your partner is not making you happy, then you have to redefine your life.

Your first step should be to remove your mind from the problems and concentrate on how to solve it.

Keeping track of the problems every time will always make things worse for you.

A paradigm shift could be a great help to you because a solution mindset reduces anxieties and hopelessness from you and will increase hope.

The real truth is that your happiness doesn’t depend on anyone but you, and no matter what your desires are, you can get someone else to help you than your partner.

So start on time to rebuild your social forcefield, those will help you to be happier to yourself.

3) Be Grateful:

You may be asking questions about why you should be grateful when your relationship is falling apart, nevertheless, remember that everything works together for your good.

But frankly, being grateful can keep you abreast of your failing relationship. You will be surprised at how happy you can become all of a sudden when you remain grateful and happy.

Here are Few Things you Can Do:

The word of God said ” in everything, give glory to God. And we are asked to count our blessings and name them one by one and I must see reasons to thank God for.

Just get a jotter and write everything you can remember about God’s goodness in your life: you will be amazed at what you’ll see.

4) Stay Committed To Your Hobbies:-

There are things that give you joy any time you indulge in them. Get back to doing those things now that your marriage is not giving you the joy you need.

Look for those things that interest you. I don’t mean having an affair outside. If you don’t know what your hobbies are, try developing any. It may be reading, going to the library, or visiting the recreational center.

Just keep yourself busy with whatever will bring the utmost joy, If your mind is engaged you will not worry too much.

5) Deal with Your Issues One At A Time:

There are so many troubles faced in marriage, it ranges from taking care of your children, household chores, taking care of your partner, finances, etc.

Trying to tackle the problems at a time will overwhelm and stress you greatly.

It is therefore advisable to try approaching them gradually, and one at a time. You can start from the hardest to the simple ones.

Again, don’t let the problems come before trying to deal with them, but prevent them from coming at all.

Don’t avoid them,

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