Restore intimacy in a marriage: 6 Things to note.

Always tell your partner how much you love him or her, they may not know it unless you say so. Then take time to discuss the issues affecting your relationship and also find solutions to them.

It is only through effective communication you can solve your problems.

3) Remember The First Love.

Your relationship started many months ago or years ago in the great era of love, infatuation, and fantasies.

If possible, try revisiting those areas that boosted your passion, where the butterflies in the stomach all started.

Go back to the memory lanes and find them out, then start visiting those places and remind each other all you can remember about your early love life.

Those little things can make you fall back in love again.

4) Indulge In New Experiences.

There are so many ways you can improve intimacy in a relationship that is not only through physical touch. John Gutman said that familiarity and closeness.

With that in mind, may I also tell you that by just doing new things together you can improve your intimacy

It may be taking a new dance lesson, enroll in learning other languages.

If you are buoyant, then take a trip to other countries of your choice. These things are just to keep you connected as a couple. Being together will give you opportunities to fix your differences.

Spouses, beautiful couples

5) Be A Dynamic Lover.

After so many years in marriage, your ways of romancing your partner will likely become a routine if not completely dead.

Therefore, it will be fine if you can twist your routine often. Go the extra miles to intensify emotions again, by trying new things daily.

Be unpredictable, and learn how to surprise your partner always.

For example, book for unexpected trips to a nearby country and nobody knows until the very day. Buy a surprising gift and plan a surprising wedding anniversary for you.

You’ll be surprised at what impact this will have on your relationship.

6) See A Relationship Coach.

Most times, it will not be easy to identify the real cause of the problems in your relationship. But if you visit a relationship coach, they will help you identify them.

The relationship coaches are trained to solve relationship problems and also give advice too. If you wish to rekindle the fire back into your relationship, then make up your mind to see a coach.

Here is an article I wrote [n how to locate a marriage counselor near you.

In Conclusion:

If you want to restore intimacy in a marriage, you’ll be deliberate about it; that will give you the push you need to do everything there is to achieve your aim.

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