Restore intimacy in a marriage: 6 Things to note.

Below are some effects of lack of intimacy in your marriage.

Lack of intimacy makes your partner feel rejected and not taken care of, sometimes your spouse may feel like they are not sexually attracted to you anymore.

That can make them have low self-esteem and start isolating themselves.

Here is an article I wrote about the effects of lack of sex in marriage. You can grasp so many things from there.

It can be so disastrous to your relationship if you don’t tackle it on time.

Let’s look at some possible ways to restore intimacy in a relationship.

How To Restore Intimacy In A Marriage.

restore intimacy in a marriage

1) Spend More Time Together.

Your first step to restoring intimacy is by spending time together as a spouse.

I know that so many there for you to take care of, but believe me when I told you that if you don’ create time for your partner and your relationship, you will have yourself to blame at last.

Try anything you can to carve out time. Again, don’t spend that time without making it memorable. Find some interesting activities that will give you pleasure as you stay together.

Here is a checklist of the couple’s activities at home to enjoy.

– Play a card, a dice, or a board game.

–  Learn a dance step at home.

– Subscribe for a virtual painting class together.

– Read your best book together.

–  Have some fun quiz together.

– Share the story of your first date.

– Watch some of your best romantic movies together.

Just find some of the things that interest you and engage in them. It will add more juice to your relationship.

2) Communicate Nicely.

You can restore intimacy in marriage if you understand communication and how to do it effectively; if you think back to the old days of your relationship, you will understand that your problems started when you lost your communication ethics.

Moreso, communication is not just about talking and hearing someone speak, it’s about knowing the communication styles that will either help or kill your marriage.

Learn how to express your mind to your partner, never assume he knows what you are passing through: remember that nobody is a mind reader.

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