Restore intimacy in a marriage: 6 Things to note.

restore intimacy in a marriage

If you are looking for how to restore intimacy in a marriage, you have made the wisest choice today. Although it may be a little hard to do, yet it is pretty possible to do that, and in this article, I will show you how to do that.

First, let’s get ourselves acquainted with why you lost intimacy in the first place;  because that’s the first step to restoring intimacy in your marriage.

Reasons For Lack Of Intimacy In A Marriage.

So many things can be the reason for the loss of intimacy in your relationship.

But, If you consider these 5 points listed below, you may be able to know what causes the loss of passion in your relationship.

There are they.

Rejecting Your Partner Sex Advances.

You may not know this, but if you have been rejecting your partner’s sex advances, it may cause him/her to start withdrawing from asking for more.

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Not because he/she doesn’t want sex anymore, but he/she doesn’t want to be rejected again.

My advice for you today is to quit that sex rejection now to avoid withdrawal.

No matter what reasons you may have for rejecting your partner’s sex advances, always consider the negative effects it will cause to your relationship.

look for other ways to show you grievances that reject your partner’s sex advances.

Love, happy couples

When There Is No Physical Intimacy.

Research shows the couples live happily and peacefully if they indulge in touches that don’t lead to sex.

None sexual touches are very important in a relationship and it helps to create a bond in relationships too.

It has also been discovered that physical touches like hugs produce a hormone called oxytocin.

Oxytocin is known to be associated with happiness. In order words, lack of emotional intimacy can make your partner withdraw from you, and when you are disconnected from each other, having sex will become a problem.

If you want to restore that, you have to make out time to be with each other.


Stress is another big reason for the loss of intimacy in a relationship.

Sometimes, the women find this hard to accept, however, every man may find it hard to perform when he is financially or physically stressed. Stress can also affect women. You can restore your intimacy by reducing the things that give. You stress.

The Effects Of Lack Of Intimacy

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