How to make your boyfriend happy today




8) Accept Him The Way He Is:

If you chose to have him as your boyfriend, that means he is special to you. You left to leave the rest of millions of men to choose him.

That also means you should accept him the way he is, forgive his flaws, and celebrate your differences as well. Understand that both of you came from different families and so you have different characteristics too.

It may not be possible for both of you to be together if you had the same characteristics, so when he chose something different from your wishes, you shouldn’t get worked up, and don’t force him to like what you like or “vice versa.”

On the other hand, if only you can appreciate him the way he is, and appreciate your differences, he will be happy to have someone like you that understands him well enough.


9) Let Him Know You Are Praying For Him:

Joy will flood his heart when he comes back someday and hears you praying to God for his well being.

That’s one of the sacrifices you should offer for your relationship and your boyfriend.

Every man feels happy when they know that someone is praying for them, and really, when you pray for your loved ones, the answer comes almost immediately.

You can make your boyfriend happy over text by sending prayer messages to him too.

But, here is one thing you should never do – Don’t start your prayers because you saw him walking into the sitting room. He will term it an “eye service.”

It is better he learns of your prayers for him and not you showing off that you pray for him.


How to make your boyfriend happy

10) Be Honest To Him:

Everyone wants to associate with honest people. If you are not honest or trustworthy, you can hardly make him happy.

Though it may be difficult, however, if you continue to stick to the truth, you’ll not have any need to think of how to cover your previous lies.

The truth remains that no matter how cogent your lies may seem, it will be found out one day and your boyfriend will never be happy again with you.


Here is what Walter Scott said in his quote.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practiced to deceive.” -Sir Walter Scott.


11) Make Him Your Priority:

So many things are there to occupy your mind on a daily bases; that includes your job, taking care of the children, and the domestic chore. Although you should take care of those, it shouldn’t be at the expense of your partner’s happiness.

Your boyfriend will be happy to learn that you placed him high above every other thing. He will be willing to do the same.


12) Surprise Him With Gifts:

Capture his heart with gifts he can’t decline. Just identify what he likes most an wish to get someday and get them for him. If you don’t have ideas about what they are, then find a way to ask and then make them a surprise gift to him,

You can also place romantic notes where he will see them. Those will make him happy.



You don’t need much to make your boyfriend happy, you only need to follow the steps I described in this post. They will help you achieve your aim of brightening your boyfriend’s face always.

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