6 Things that make a man happy in marriage

That’s the reason you should desist from nagging your husband unless you have the motive of killing him.

Well, the truth is that you didn’t see those things like nagging, you are only helping him to change; you are right, but it is telling on his health and you must stop it if you want to save his life.

Here are a few ways to stop  nagging:

– Be Positive:-

He came back late, and that’s just that. He didn’t do the right thing, after all, Mr. Charles came home earlier and so he wouldn’t claim it was a traffic that held him.

You have the right to be that angry, but, it will be nice if you can hold on for a while, and just forget about nagging him for now.

You can use a nonconfrontational approach and still get a good change from him says, Meyers.

The trick is just to walk out of the room that moment you are being pressed to nag. You can get back when you are calm, and politely tell you hubby how you missed him all the while he was out.

I bet he will change when you choose this approach to nagging.

– Identity What is Causing You To Nag:

If you really want to stop nagging, one of the simplest things to do now is to try and discover the “driving emotions.”

What’s making you talk like that? What is making you want to explode?

Once you know what it is, then half of the problems are solved, your next step is to find a good way to talk about it without nagging

For example, he promised to bring the children back but he didn’t do so on time, instead of saying ” you wouldn’t have promised to get the children back from school when you know you wouldn’t.” Say this, “honey wow! You tried so much get the kids back, but you  would have been there on time if it wasn’t because of your busy schedule.” That sounds a bit nice that raising your voice.

– Stop Seeing Him As A Mind Reader:

Your problems may be that you see your partner as a mind reader, after all, he is supposed to know what you need.

That’s a good thought, but you’ll be frustrated because he is not a mind reader and won’t know what you need unless you speak out. So just say it; you have the right to throw tantrums when he refuses to do it.

– You May Need To See A Therapist:

The main reasons for nagging are lack of good communication ethics. If you will learn how to communicate effectively, there would be no need to shout at him.

Meanwhile, if you can’t fix that on your own, get a marriage therapist involved. They will guide you on what to do to stop nagging.


If your desire is to see your relationship succeed, then always find ways to make your husband happy.

Learn what infuriates him and avoid it, but, learn those things that make a man happy in marriage and inculcate it in your marriage.

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