(Having a happy marriage)How to make your husband fall head over heal in love again with you.

imagesHave you ever asked yourself this questions; about how you can get your husband’s love back again after a very long time of broken relationship? Then I am going to reveal it to you here without holding back anything at .This will help to bring back your once a happy marriage

It’s always common with women when they talk, yell and show disrespect to their husbands without understanding the implication of their actions. Men are not likely to yell back at their wives some times, but they usually know what to do in their mind. My advice to you as a lady is to find a better way of talking to than nagging and yelling.

Before I go into telling you how to get his love back again, I must also let you know most of the things that can make him fall out again if you are not careful to take them out of your character. You must take note of these things to avoid future occurrences.


These are the things you must check

You don’t care about his family, lack of communication, not being honest, not trust worthy, no more attractive, too much argument, lack of respect, keeping late, drunkenness and boring sex life.

All these can make your man love fail. However, you can easily win him back again if you can take these steps.

The first thing you must think about is those qualities that made him love you in the earlier days of you courtship. It is obviously truth that partners change as the day progresses and those changes affect feelings. If you where so goal oriented in your early days of marriage and now you are not, then you must try to work yourself back to that life again.

If you are the type of woman that was easy going before marriage, but now you are not again, then you must retrace back to your easy going life again.

Never try anything about changing your man, it may not be easy for you, it can only make things worse. Men don’t usually want their wives to control them; they have this male ago that leads them

The best step to tread is just to work on yourself. Every man wants to marry a woman that has a high value. Make your life more rewarding to him. Show him that you know that you are worth dying for.

Learn to consider the things you saw or do at a point in time. Those are the things that cam make him fall in love again with you.

Remember you must not rush him, if he is not showing you love. Even when you have brought the matters to him, never try to push it; use wisdom to make him fall in love again.

I hope this will help you.

Yours Murphyaik

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