Yes, you guessed it. It is that time again…


Time for a little tough love… a little “you get the carrot and now you get the stick”…


HARSH REALITY IS: There’re 3 things that EVERY great woman wants to know the moment she meets you…


It’s simply this:


—Are you different?


— Do you “get it?”


—Is there ANY chance that YOU might be her one-and- only “Mr. Right”?


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images12  I really want to bring to your consciousness that happiness in marriage    doesn’t just happen over night; you can not wake up one day to realize that your once unhappy marriage has become a successful one.


Of course it doesn’t happen and can never happen like that.
It takes planning, continuous work and nurturing to make a marriage a happy one.


Everything about having a successful marriage, starts from the very first moment you made up your mind to get married.


To enjoy happiness in your marriage, you must start from making a decision about the type of person you want to get married to in the first place, what complexion, what attitude.

What exactly are the reasons why you want to get married:


  • Is it because your friends are getting married?
  • What is your reason for choosing that very person?


Probably you think he or she is nice looking.


I often suggest to clients to write down 5 reasons about why you want to marry, and how you want your marriage to be.

Those things that you wrote down will always stare you on the face when you want to that a decision that is not right for your marriage. They will make you stand firm during the challenging moments of your marriage.


Another important thing to you must do is to know if you are compatible with the very person you want to get married to. Do not move into that marriage because you thought things will change in the future, or you probably think you can change your spouse in the future. There is no need getting married to someone you already know you could not live with.


Quit in the beginning when you realized that two of you are not compatible with each other.


Always remember that happiness in marriage don’t just happen, but it must be worked out if must happen.


When you are sure the person in question is the right person for you, then make plans to work with you spouse to build the marriage. Remember that the success or failure of your marriage depends on the two of you. No one can come from outside to build your marriage for you except the two of you.


The next step to take is to decide on your self about your personal commitment in building your marriage to the level you want it to go.


Individual commitment is very important when it comes to being happy in marriage. You have this consciousness that you alone could build your marriage. You know you can do this, because you want happiness in your marriage.


It is almost every couples dream to have happiness in their marriage, but most of them are not ready to do the primary work; that is why their marriage breaks in the first 2 to 3 years of their marriage.


Be ready to do everything you can to keep your marriage happy. Ask for forgiveness when you are wrong. Say sorry when you make mistakes, Say sweet things to your spouse always, never bear any grudge, be quick to forgive and be slow to anger, listen to your spouse whenever there are things to say. And the greatest of them all is to love your spouse even when there is no more reason to love again.


Learning to observe these will help you to build a stronger, better, sweeter, healthier and a happier marriage.


Talk soon…


Your In-House Counselor,



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