How Does it Feel to Have a Happy Marriage

Being happily married is certainly one of the most wonderful feelings you can ever experience. However, too many couples lose that feeling as their marriage wears on for a variety of reasons. Because feelings, even those of love can be rather abstract, it can be difficult to fully understand whether you are in a happy marriage or not.
How do you know if your marriage is a happy one? If you are asking this question, then you may have some doubts whether it is true or not. What follows are the signs of being in a happy marriage. These are the seemingly little things that happily married couples do on a regular basis that helps strengthen their marriage.

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Being Positive
It’s amazing how positive statements such as “I’m so happy to be married to you” can make you feel happy. Positive reinforcement when expressed from the heart is a wonderful feeling that is part of a happy marriage. Positive statements happen on a regular basis, sometimes a daily one depending on the couple. But a few days should not go by without you or your partner reinforcing the happiness you feel about being together.
Enjoying Intimacy
While sexual intimacy generally becomes less frequent as married couples grow older, it is still something that both look forward to enjoying. Good, healthy sexual relations between married couples is a hallmark of happiness in a relationship. It is when we don’t look forward to being with our partners that issues and doubts start to creep in.
Complimenting your Spouse
Another feeling of being in a happy marriage is the support you give and receive for each other, especially the simple things. Thanking your partner for making a great dinner, telling them how you appreciated picking up an extra item from the store, appreciating the effort they made in getting ready to go out and so on. The little compliments over time brings you closer together because it builds up how you value each other.
Avoiding Attacks
Feeling happy in a marriage means avoiding situations where you put down or attack your spouse unnecessarily. For example, if they are spending a lot of time watching TV or surfing the internet, your reaction might be “Will you get off that computer for once!” This actually puts some distance between you and your partner. Instead, a statement like, “Could I spend some time with you” to lure them away from the computer or TV is much more inviting and encourages happier dialogue.
Understanding that all Marriages will End
It seems rather sad to think that all marriages end in either death or divorce and no couple have ever avoided either one. Still, this realization helps people get the most out of their relationship and treat each other with respect and care. The old saying, “Live every day as if it were your last” applies to marriages as well. You want each day to feel special and helping each other to feel that way as well.
For happy couples, this is how it feels to be in a happy marriage. It takes time, work and effort, but the results are definitely well worth it.

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