15 Proven facts about hugging and kissing to note.

A kiss on the neck is sometimes described as a vampire kiss.

If your partner kisses you on the neck, he is simply telling you that he needs you urgently. It is a very romantic type of kiss.

Provided your spouse is not a vampire, this is the most proscribed kiss for you.

Kiss On The Stomach:

A kiss on the stomach shows you that your partner is very comfortable with you.

Or maybe he/she is looking forward to having a baby with you. But just understand that your partner has great confidence in you and in your relationship.


If He Kisses You On The Breast:

You can guess what that means: if you don’t then listen well He’s interested in sleeping with you.” He wants you.”

Cheek Kiss

This just a friendly kissing that signifies how happy your partner is for seeing you at that moment.

Your partner can also plant a kiss on your cheek just to tell you that they had a great time with you.

15 Facts About Hugging And Kissing

It Enhances Your Relationship:

Hugging and kissing are body language and language is a communication tool. You and I know that no relationship can succeed without communication.

The couple who understand how to speak this language of touch are always happy and they have a good connection also.

A gentle heartwarming kiss and hugging can enhance your relationship by promoting security and belonging.

The best of it all is that good hugging and kissing keeps you and your partner happier and healthier.

It Keeps You And Partner Forever Happy Ever After:

The scientists have declared that hugging and kissing are important to our health and happiness and those two are what determines our joy.

If anxiety and stress are greatly reduced due to the touch and kiss, then happiness is engendered, because you are sure of sound health.

Love, caring, romantic gestures

Your Self Worth Is Increased:

Then a number of kisses and hugs you have received so far from your childhood to this age is a good motivator in life and helped you to build your self-worth.

Kissing and hugging is pure medicine to your body and soul, because of the hormones they produce that helps you feel good about yourself.

Feeling good is the key to improving our self-worth.

It Helps You Speak The Emotional Language:

Like I told you earlier, kissing and hugging are part of communications, but they only help to communicate our emotions to our partner in the more appropriate way.

Mathew Hertenstein, a psychologist at the University of Depauw, said that “everyone has the ability to emotion by just a touch.”

He also reiterated that it is a more honest way we can convey messages to our partner.

If you have not been hugging and kissing, I implore you to begin today, to improve your health and your relationship.


Let me conclude by telling you that kissing and hugging can help you reduce stress and anxiety, both in your private life and your relationship.

You have to learn the methods of hugging and kissing in order to know which will give you the maximum results you wanted, that why I have shared these facts about hugging and kissing, to guide you.

This is my personal opinion, you may know other ways of improving your relationship that is better than kissing and hugging, but hugging and kissing have helped me a great deal.

What are your views on this topic? Have you tried any other thing that worked for you?

Please feel free to share with us, using the comment box below.


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