15 Proven facts about hugging and kissing to note.

Science researcher has also told us that kissing can be of great benefit to health because it helps to reduce stress as well as improve our life satisfaction.

If you are not sure how to kiss properly, then follow me closely as I show you some kissing rules.

Hot Kissing Tips And Tricks:
– Don’t Rush It, Just Take Your Time:

May I tell you that the best kiss your partner will enjoy more is the ones you take your time to gradually ease your way into it.

It is important you relax your mind, don’t be anxious about your kissing abilities, because it will make you want to rush through it.

Arguably, your partner can read your anxiety when you are rushing to kiss then.

If you really want to plant that romantic kiss on your partner, you have to do it in a relaxed mood, so relax and take a deep breath before you kiss your partner.

– Communicate Effectively Before Kissing:

You might be wondering why I added this as the kissing tip, but it is important you know that communication plays an important part when you want to be a good kisser.

Your ways of kissing may be different from your spouse and your way of enjoying kissing may be different also.

This is why you need to talk to your partner to know his kissing styles and likes.

Just like everything else about your relationship, if you don’t talk about them, you will be in the dark about what your partner likes or dislike.

Don’t keep anything away about your kissing too. Just be open as you share your kissing experiences.


– Be Available In Spirit, Soul, And Body:

You must know that kissing is not just about using your lips to express how you feel to your partner, you have to be present in full to share your passion.

Chavez describes kissing as a full-body experience. (Source)

It’s not just about your lips. “Kissing is a full-body experience.” Says Chavez.

Chavez also said, “that it is good to be emotionally available as you kiss your partner.” Deploy your full-body language – your eyes, hand, and your head to create the necessary connection.

– Use Your Tongue To Do Some Magic:

The way you use your tongue during kissing determines how interesting the kissing will be. I will advise you to use your tongue wisely.

Don’t use too much of your tongue at the beginning of the kissing, let your tongue be quiet until you have used your lips to things become intense.

Let your focus be more on other ways kiss without your tongue, like opening your mouth slightly, closing it a little bit and then intertwine your lips with your partner’s lips, and then wait for the right moment to add your tongue.

Remember to be gentle as you introduce your tongue. Try touching your tongue gently on your partners, don’t put too much of your tongue in your partner’s mouth, remember that your tongue is an extremely strong muscle, when you use much of it may be overwhelming to your partner.

That’s some interesting tip,s isn’t it?

Let look at different types of kissing: it is another important facts about hugging and kissing you must know.

Types Of Kissing And Their Meanings:

Hold on tight as I show you 7 different types of kissing you can use to step up your passion.

The French Kiss:

This a very known method of kissing that involves a little amount of saliva, tongue, and movement. You have seen it many times in movies. Even if you haven’t seen it in the movie or anywhere, it’s not hard to do. You can do it any time and anywhere.

Facts about hugging and kissing
The Forehead Kiss::

This is another interesting type of kiss that will convey some good messages to your partner. The forehead kiss has more romantic thoughts behind it and mostly they are not interpreted sexually and it’s only shared with someone that is special to you.

It is used to show a stronger “emotional intimacy.”.  Laurel Steinberg reiterates that “While the lip kiss indicates sexual attraction, the forehead kiss tells a more meaningful story about the emotional closeness of the relationship,” (source).

Lip Kiss:

The lip kiss is one of the commonest types of the kiss, but it is a great way to make your partner wanting more of you.

What Does Kiss On The Neck Mean?

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