7 Good Things To Teach Your Dating Teens

If you want to be sure your children have a good and trouble-free dating, then check out these 7 important things to teach your dating teens.


As your child is maturing fast, sooner, they will be going into the dating world.


Don’t get overwhelmed about how to control then not to date, because you won’t succeed.


The best you can do for them at this point is to advise them, on what they should know about the relationship, to guide them in making their decisions.


Why should you start early?

Whether you like it or not, your child will grow and be interested in dating someone.


According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, “young people tend to become more interested in dating around their mid-teens and become more involved in dating relationships during high school.


At this stage of their life, they need you around them, to.direct them. Don’t assume they know anything about dating, because What they know came from social media and they are mere fantasies.


Learn to talk to your teen child about what a good relationship should be like.


If you are not sure about the relationship advice to teach your dating teens, then read this post to the end.


If you are ready to know the best advice for your dating teen, then let’s dive in now.



7 Important Things to teach Your Dating Teens.



1) First Things First:

Use a jotter and pen and write all you want in the man/ woman you want.


This may sound weird though, but it is one thing people fail to do whenever they want to marry.


However, taking this first step will save you all the stress in the future.


Let your dating teens understand that the better they know what they want in the guy or girl they want to date, the better.


Those written qualities will help to direct your search and give you quick success too.


2) Dating Is Not A Do Or Die Affairs:-

Since the inception of social media, dating has changed a great deal. Some new methods of dating have been introduced and so many are being misled about what dating is really all about.


But, the truth is that dating doesn’t have to be a do or die affair if it’s not meant to work out, then you should be bent making it work.


Decide to quit the moment you find out that there’s no compatibility between the two of you.


There’s absolutely someone else out there for you. So that’s not the end of the road if it didn’t work.


3) Take Things Easy:-

The real truth is that you will have great pressures from your date to do what you don’t want.

There are no problems in hugging and kissing each other, however, you shouldn’t go deeper emotionally when you are not comfortable with that.

Saying a no at this point can save you long years of regrets in the future when you will feel tossed out.


Take time to understand where the relationship is heading to, before giving in to anything.

4) Be Clear About What You Want:-

A closed mouth they said is a closed destiny. If you don’t let your date know what you want, you will definitely get the wrong thing, and that may hurt you the most.


The idea here is that you stand up for whatever you want or don’t want in the relationship.


For example, if you want to go out and your date is not asking, then do the asking yourself.


If you have dated for a while and he doesn’t want to take it to another level as you discussed, then remind him/her.

It’s completely dependent on you.

5) Be Yourself To The Last:-

You may have the urge to change your identity, your feelings and emotions just to make sure that your relationship stands.


That’s not healthy, because at least everything will come to the open, and different arguments will emerge.


The rule of dating is to be who you really are.

Be true to whatever is important to you, whether it’s your friendships, your values or beliefs.


Don’t hide your feelings about your sex life, likes and dislikes as well as any other that could come up later to hunt your relationship.


It may be hard for you to do in the beginning, but, if you will stand your ground and do that, it will save you from big stress in the future.


Be free and open, so things will go well.


6) Let Them Know The Difference Between Love and Infatuation.


Many people find it pretty hard to distinguish between these two, and their feelings are the same, but they mean different things.


The fact is that even many adults can’t differentiate the two, let alone the teens.


Take your time and tell your dating teen the difference between real love and infatuation.


They may not feel like eating when he or she hasn’t talked to you for a while, that may be a mere infatuation.


71) Be Straight Forward :

Let them know they need to be open and truthful in their relationship.


Keeping secrets can destroy any relationship, and we know that trust is important to every relationship.


But, how can we build trust when we continue to keep secrets and lie to our partner.


Honesty plays a better roll in every healthy relationship because it helps us to avoid an incessant breach of trust as well as help us to live in harmony with each other.



You shouldn’t restrain from teaching your children what they should know about dating. It will save them a heartbreak in the future.


It is not a tedious work to teach them, you only need to know the best relationship advice that’s suitable for their relationship and teach them about it, and they are good to go.


How to Be Happy at Home: Check This Out


Out of everything in this life, everyone’s priority should be to be happy at home, after going through the days hurdles and stress.

Here’s What our home should be

  • Our home should be a place to reside and also feel that you belong there
  • where you feel relieved immediately you walk through the door.
  • A place where your love ones live.
  • A place where you are well treated.


If these things do not describe your home, then you really need to read this post carefully.


Survey shows that many people prefer to hang out with friends more than going home.


Reason is that they are not happy at home, their home is not conducive for them.
If you are one of those described here, then you really need to create enabling environment in your home now.


Samuel Johnson the Rambler said in his quote that ” To be happy at home is the ultimate result of the ambitions, the end which every enterprise and labor trends”.


In this post i will show you what to do to be happy at home.


     Interesting ways to be happy at home.

Put your house in order:

one of the reasons people run away from their home is simply because they are not happy at home and the reason for their unhappiness is because their home is not safe for them.


Making your house safe simply means to do whatever is required to making your home comfortable for you, your partner and your children.

Most people especially men sometimes prefers to hang out with friends till mid night, because they are not in good relationship with their wives. But that’s not the best thing to do.


If only you could make your home pleasing, them you’ll always love to be home.

If you are not sure of what to do, then follow the steps below.


1) Make up with your partner:

It’s not bad when you and your partner quarrels or fight, but there’s need to settle the dispute immediately, never let it pang a little longer else it will a disconnect.

Stop using silent treatment or staying out late in the night to punish her. The best you could do for the benefit of your marriage is to settle the argument immediately Considering wrong or right wouldn’t help.

Acknowledge Your Own role in the fight and seek a way to deal with it at once.

2) Again raise your children well:-It is important to raise children, but it is more important to raise a self disciplined children.

Stubborn children make a home uncomfortable. They can make you want to run away from your home. Though one shouldn’t run away because of his / children, but it’s impatient you take time in disciplining then for future.

Disciplining a child means training them to be responsible and have self-control. If you are consistent in disciplining your children, your children will grow up learning about consequences and how to take responsibility for their personal actions.


The main aim for this to empower the child to learn how to manage their feelings as well their behavior.

If you have been to a home where there are stubborn children, you will understand what am talking about. But when your children are well behaved, you’ll always feel relaxed when you are at home or when people visits you.

And finally you must always keep your home clean and neat every time. ” cleanliness they is next to godliness” the way your house look and how clean it is can always make you want to go home.

You don’t have to make it look like the those seen on magazines,
But just make it a point of duty to tidy up everywhere neat.
Wash up the dishes after the meals.

Do your laundry on the daily basis to avoid clothes littering everywhere, after bathing, clean the bathroom

Also try to make your bed every morning when you wake up. Keep the toilet clean after use and if it’s possible, use nice scent to make everywhere smell good.

All these will make you happy every time you are home.

Raising Your Children In A toxic Environment

If you are searching to the proper steps of raising your children in a toxic environment, then you are obviously not alone.


The truth is that there are so many factors that can make your parenting skills fail woefully if you are not careful.


However, we will be looking at the impact of socially toxic environment on the children.


Study conducted using 3562 and above children in 2007, actually shows that the quality of the environment matters greatly in raising children.


This is because children are influenced greatly by what they see or hear, that’s why if you fight a lot with your partner, your child will grow with that and starts beating his wife too.


If you want to raise good children in such an environment, then here are ways to go about it.


Ways Of Raising Your Children In  Toxic Environment.


1) Show examples: –

The first contact of every child is the immediate families.

They start their early learning from what they see or hear the family members do.

That means you are the child’s first teacher.


To train up decent children in any environment, then you have to brace yourself as the role model.


Show the child how to talk, walk, and eat better from the ways you do things yourself and they will never depart from it.


However, if you shout, nag, fight, steal, and gossip, watch out and see your child doing the same as they grow.


2) Teach them the ways of the Lord early in their life: –


Proverbs 22 – 6, say “Train up a child in the ways they should go, and when they grow up they will never depart from it”.


Simply put, you always have the task of showing your child his future from their early stage.


The only way you can show then that will be profitable to them is the way of the Lord.


Proverbs 4: 20- 24 ” My son, give attention to my words;

20 Incline your ear to my sayings. Do not let them depart from your eyes;


21Keep them in the midst of your heart; for they are life to those who find them,


22 And health to all their flesh. Keep your heart with all diligence,


23 For out of it spring the issues of life.


Show your children to walk in the ways of the Lord so they will not disappoint you when they grow up, because the word of God will help them understand how to treat people, respect, defend themselves and everything they should know about life.


3) Prepare your child for the neighborhood:

As your child starts growing, their next contact is the neighborhood, and there are lots of dangers out there.


There are dangers like – traffic, bullying, sexual harassment, kidnapping and playground accidents.


Your job as the parents is to prepare them to embrace the challenges of the environment effectively.


Here is little way to do that.


  • Intimate them about the environment:- make them familiar with the immediate environment, people and places in the vicinity.
  • Set boundaries:- Always let them know how far they should and shouldn’t go in the vicinity.
  • Pay close attention:- Don’t suppose that you have thought them all they should know; you still have to also monitor how they mingle with the environment.


5) Watch out the friends they make:

Try and monitor the type of friends they keep from their tender age.


Remember that evil company destroys good manners.

It doesn’t matter how much values you implemented in them, if they mingle with bad people, they’ll be corrupted.


So be on the watch to know who their friends are. Truth is that you may not go with then always but they will still remember what you taught them as the day goes by.


6) Be there for them always: –

Some parents are too busy that they have little or no time for their children.


Fact is that when you are not there, someone else may take your position and probably impact them negatively.


Being present is the same as paying attention to them.


Raising your children in a toxic environment requires almost the same attention you put into your marriage to make it successful, the same attention you put into your job, business as well as your cars.


Study conducted in 2014, proved that children that received care from their parents behaves better than the others.


Always pay attention to all they care about, give them ears to whatever they want to say and give advice when necessary.


Finally, it is very possible to raise your children in a toxic environment.


It all depends on how you lay your foundation. You really have to imbibe whatever you want your child to be at the earlier stages of his life.


That is when you will get the result you want.


If this post helped you to solve your parenting problems, please, share with your friends using the share buttons


I am still your friend Ikenna Uchegbu.


See you at the top.