fabulous wedding,wedding on budget

How To Have a Fabulous Wedding on Budget

fabulous wedding,wedding on budget

Is there really a way to have a fabulous wedding on a budget?

Here’s why I ask that funny question

Whenever you attend a wedding ceremony or pick up a wedding magazine, you’ll almost want to call off your own wedding planning, because what you saw will make you think you have to break a bank to have a successful wedding.

But that’s not true.

The truth is that you can really have fabulous wedding on a budget and I will show you how  in this post.

Really spending billions of money for a wedding it is not a big deal to those that have it. But if you cannot afford it, then it is time to look for an alternative.

If what you desire is to have a fabulous and yet cost effective wedding, then this post is for you, because I will show you step by step on how to do just that in a minute.

Wedding is once in your life time.

A wedding day is always a great and happiest day for every couple, and so there’s need to be pretty creative in your planning so as to get a great wedding without exceeding your budget.

Though I know the fact that you want have an amazing event, after all it is one of the happiest day of your life, but you simply should not go bankrupt because of it.

Now let me show you

This post is just to guide your steps into how you can save cost and still have your dream wedding.

If you are ready, then let’s ride on.


                           fabulous wedding, wedding on budget



1) Have a budget: – It doesn’t matter how much you have to throw around for your wedding, if you don’t have careful planning, money saving tricks and a budget, you will definitely spend more than you want.

But believe me when I told you that you can have a perfect wedding on any budget you have.

Your first step should be to have an agreement between you and your partner about the type of wedding you want.


Is it a picnic party with few friends, Or do state wedding with all your friends? There are different types of wedding out there.

Decide on the overall feel you desire for the wedding- the look, the people, the emotions- everything that will add color to it.

I implore you to imagine those weddings you’ve attended before, can you figure them out and describe them in just one word.

From there you can have idea of what you actually want. Would it be a little step higher than your cousins wedding you attended last time or lower?

After deciding,
Now it’s time to sit down with your spouse and figure out how much you want to and willing to spend.

Find and affordable venue, and then decide on the numbers of people you want to invite.
It will not cost you anything to make a budget, but it will help you prioritized on what’s more important for your celebration and how to get then cheap.


wedding venue,fabulous wedding,wedding on budget

2) Venue: – Choosing a good venue can cost you a lot. Simply put, one big area to save money during wedding is from the venue.

A wedding venue means different things to different people, but most people see it as a place for reception, and for ceremony.

Venue selection is actually one of the first things to do when you are planning for the big day; all other planning depends on that.

To choose a good venue on budget, here are few steps to take.

Avoid getting married on Saturday:- Everyone know Saturday as the most common day for wedding, and trust me it is convenient, and most people are used to it.

Because of that, it has become the most expensive day to get married. If you decide to choose the weekdays, you can get close to 50% discount.

Although choosing a less popular date will prevent most of your guests from coming, but your closer friends and family may attend.

3) Forget the Big City: – Venues are priced higher in the cities and so look for anyone that is outside the city to get a good deal.

Here’s What to do

a) Negotiate well: –

Get offer from different venues and use what you get for your advantage, and remember not to tell them it’s for wedding until you get a good price quotation.

Make you reception small, and plan an after wedding party: – You can decide to have a low key reception with your close friends and family and maybe have a party after your honey moon.

You will save a lot of money if you do it like that.

b) Ask a friend: –

If you know any of your friends that have a very big backyard, you can ask to use it for your reception.

happy wedding,fabulous wedding

4) Videographer and photographer:- It is true the cost for a video coverage and photography will not be compared to other things, but you can still cut something reasonable that can make up for other things.

Yes you need a clear reminder of every emotion and moments of the day, but hiring a professional may be expensive.

Consider using someone that’s just starting up in their career or someone that shoots occasions for part time.

5) Cut down your guest List: – Although you have so many friends and relatives, and you may be tempted to include all of them in your guest list, but that may not be a good idea.

Remember that any additional name into your list means additional cost.

Many people do fall into this trap; we make our list large to the extent that we invite people we don’t know too well, because we felt obligated to that.

However, if you really want save more and still have a fabulous wedding ceremony, then start cutting down your list by 25%.

6) Involve friends and family in the planning:– Including your family and friends during your wedding planning could be the best decision you make: Two heads they say is better than one, the ideas you can get from them can go a long way in helping you plan a successful and yet on a budget wedding.

Example- They may advice you on where to get some cheap deals, some good gifts and may be nice venue for very cheap price.

7) Do some things by yourself:- One of the things that takes a lot of money during wedding planning is the invitation card; am not talking about the distribution, but the printing.

My sincere advice is that you should use a simpler method (e-invite). It is such a simple and fast means of reaching your contact,

All you’ll do is to write a letter and forward it to your contacts through mail.
It will help you cut some costs.

7) Forget about impressing anybody:- “Your wedding is not about your wedding but about your marriage”.

From my observations, people’s motivation when planning their wedding is about impressing others and make them believe they are capable; Remember you still have a life to live after the wedding.

If you spend all you have to plan your wedding because you want to impress your friends, because you want the occasion to be like that of your friends, then what happens when the wedding is over and you don’t have means of making ends meet?


There’s a life to live after your wedding; if you plan to use all you have to plan your wedding, what happens after that?

But, you don’t really have to use all you have; Use these simple Ideas I listed in this post and you can still have a fabulous wedding on a budget. You don’t have to go bankrupt to get what you want

couples finance, couples budjet

Couples Finance: 4 business Any couple can do from their bedroom

couples finance, couples budjetThis is my 16 years in marriage, so I can conveniently prove to you that one of the cause of major problems in marriage related to finance.

A survey conducted by Sun Trust Bank, using people in marriage or partnership reveals that 35 percent of stress in marriage .

Obviously, money is important in any relationship, because it touches everything every other aspect of marriage.

In this post, I am not going to share how money cause stress in marriage. but I want to reveal to you simple but fascinating business any couple can do from their bedroom to boost their finances.

If you want to join the ride, then let’s go on.
Most of the do from home business I will show you here is what I do that sustains my marriage and if you follow me closely, you will get the results am getting and even more.

4 Fascinating business any couple can do from their bedroom

  • What would you need for this business?
    You See, most of it are done online so you will be needing.
    – An Idea of what you want to do.
    – A good laptop or smartphone
    – A good internet connection.
    once all these are in place, then you are good to go.

But, why must it be an internet business?

The answer is- because million of people are connected on the internet and that includes your customers. So if you are not doing businesses on the internet, then you may be leaving so much money on the table.

That is the last thing you want to do isn’t it ?

Then follow me closely.

Here they are

couples blogging, make money blogging1) Blogging :– I guess you have heard so much about this blogging.

But you are not so sure what it is all about and how you can go about it.

You are not alone. A lot of people are in your shoes.

Granted, I am here to show you how to generate good income through blogging like I do and so many others like Linda Ikeji etc.

What is blogging ?:- It is simply an online journal.
it is the same as newspaper, only that this is done on the internet.

You can set up a blog just to write about your passion or your interests.

I have seen so many blogs on fashion, cooking, diet, gossip, weight loss, and so many other things, and do you know that most of them are generating good cash through that?

Now to start your blog, you must consider what you know best how to do, so you wouldn’t find it hard to share to others, when I say others, I mean millions of people that will be connecting to you through the internet.

I have a blog too and I write on marriage.
Here is my blog http://www.happymarriagebuilder.com



Here is the answer
There are many ways to make money through blogging, but I will share the most important ones here.


1) Through Google Adsense :- When you look at my blog, there is something I have there that people click on without knowing and that generates money for me, even while I am sleeping.

Google ads, is an advertisement placed on google by an advertiser, and then when you sign up with Google. some of the ads that is related to the content of your site will be placed on your site and you will receive a corresponding commission when anyone clicks on the ads from your blog.

It is one of the easiest ways to get money on the internet.
Firstly , you need a domain name. Example www.yourname.com
Choose a name and then register it here.
Secondly, you need a hosting space.
checkout here

Or consider joining my Facebook group to learn more about blogging.


couples finance,information marketing, happy marriage2) Creating and selling your own products:- Yes, you can create your own products and offer it to your readers to buy.

I know what you are thinking now.
See! It is very easy to create a product and I can show you how, if you contact me through my email.

I have two of my products on Amazon.com
See them here.

Here is the second one here

If you have not read any, just get one for yourself .

However, what am trying to tell you is that if I can do it, then you can do it better.

couples finance, couples budjet,couple make money

3) Affiliate programs :- Did you think you can’t create your own products?, Affiliate marketing gives you an opportunity to promote other people’s product and get a commission for doing that.

Depending on what your blog is all about, you can sign up with http://www.clickbank.com and look for a product your readers will like and promote it using the affiliate link they will provide for you.
It is easier than you think.


Second  Business any Couple can do from their Bedroom

couples finance, couples budjet, make money onlineAGAM/QUESTRA:– This means Atlantic Global Asset Management.
This is a twin company which works independently, but are linked motherly.

AGAM is the investment part of the company (Questra Holdings), and they pay 3-6 percent on any invested fund every week, and for a year (52 weeks).

To put simply, any fund invested is on a yearly basis, however, your investors profit is released every Friday for withdrawal.

The good thing about AGAM/QUESTRA is
– It is not a Ponzi scheme.
– It is not MLM.
– It is not a Donation exchange platform.

it is simply a highly sustainable business investment that gives you an opportunity to earn.



All investors funds are invested into


Your invested is insured up to (53 million Euros reserved fund) so no fear of losing your investment.


Visit here
Fill in your phone number, starting with your country code, example 234, 233, then your email, fill your name, and default password will be sent to your phone.
Try and edit it.
After, you can login at http://www. private.atlanticgam.es and fill your profile sections correctly.



you can find your account using perfect money, bitcoin, sky pay, Bank wire or directly Euro from other existing partners.



Here, you are not buying any physical products only the color coded packages, I mean the yellow, white, red, blue, etc.

The products are sold like this

  • 90       Euro.
  • 270     Euro
  • 810     Euro
  • 2430   Euro
  • 7290    Euro
  • 1870    Euro


couples finance, work from home business

But remember, the product are no physical.
Use this calculator to see how much each package is and also learn how to compound your profit.


Like I said earlier, you will receive your payment every Friday.


– All invested funds are invested in real online and offline business.
-Investors funds are insured (up to 53 million reserved in Euro)
– No big bonus payment plan to swallow the companies funds.
– The companies leaders visible as they organize leadership / training meetings such as in Dubai.
– The funds are diversified into different investments to safeguard against general loss.
-Every package earns for 52 weeks (a year).


Third sit at home business couple can do


3) Become an online assistant:– People are searching for help everyday on the internet and probably you could be the answer to their questions. I mean you.

Think of what you know best to do, a lot of people are looking for who will teach them just that.

All you need to do is to find those looking for your service and render it to them for a few dollars.

I will show you how to find them

First go to https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner, login with with your g mail and search for your keyword.

you will be amazed at how many people are searching for it in Google alone.

From search about WEIGHT LOSS,

Then secondly go to google and search for where your target audience are meeting.
One of those places is a forum.
Forum is simply a place where people of like mind come together to share their happiness and grief.

So look for them, build relationships with them and then market to them.

To find them, go to google and search this way.
fashion + discussion forum, or weight loss discussion board.

Understand that many forum have rules, simply understand what you should or shouldn’t do.
b) Go to Facebook and look for groups or pages with like minded people, join the group and make good contribution, solve peoples problems in the group and them people will trust you.
When I Searches fashion on Facebook, here is what I got.
You can as well start your own group.

C) There are platforms provided, where you can quickly market your passion.

One of those places is http://www.fiverr.com

In Fiverr, you have opportunity to market your talent starting from $5 and above.

All you need to do is to create an account in Fiverr, then browse the categories and see where You fit, and then create your own Gig.
Note that for a start, all your gig’s will be sold for $5, but don’t bother about the price for now, when you start getting more orders, then you will see that $5 is not small.

There are so many other platforms like Fiverr.com,

One that is closely related to it is http://www. fourerr.com. you can check it out and you can as well search google for alternative.

Fourth Sit at home business couple can do

couples finance,freelance writer

Freelance Writing:– Are you good at writing? then there is an opportunity for you to write and make money even from the comfort of you home.

Did you really think you can write better? then you have what it takes to make it big as a freelance writer.

All you need to do is to

  • Believe on yourself.
  • Get yourself prepared.
  • Learn more about how to write.
  • Keep an open mind.
  • Always consider yourself an expert.

When all these things are in place, then the next step is to find a way to put yourself out in the market.

Remember, you can’t make any money, if nobody gets your service and so try everything possible to let people know what you can do.

Don’t be afraid, remember, I promised to show yo everything.

Here is what to do.

a) Tell your friends and neighbors:- Word of mouth can get you a good result, so start telling your neighbors and friends about your services: it will surprise that a lot of them are looking for someone to do that for them.

You can print a business card or fliers and distribute to people around you and watch what will happen next.

b) Join freelance writers groups/websites:- Granted, there are lots of website that gives yo an opportunity to place your services for sell.

Elance is one of them. They have a wide range of categories, just look for what is related to your service and start with.

problogger:- visit and find out.


c) Create a website for your service:- The best and the easiest way to promote your business is through a website. Just think of creating a website that will describe  your job well to millions of people on the internet, and since your business is online, you will get good results.


Finally:- These are goo and tested online business that can make good money to you.

You have the right to verify all that I have said here before you join. Always remember that noting good comes easy.

However, If you follow my steps, you will be successful.




divorce, marriage breaking

Marriages Fail when couple are stocked in these 5 Toxic relationship lifestyles

divorce, marriage breakingOne common question I get from my subscribers daily is “Why does marriages fail, even when the couples involved were living and were both happy in the begging?

I asked those questions too, especially when it is obvious to me that the marriage have lasted 10- 20 years and above.
Driving from my personal experiences as a marriage instructor, I found out that no couple wants to be married and file for divorce the next moment, and no one of them is happy when they are finally separated.

But, here are some toxic relationship life-style couples usually get stocked on that has the capacity to destroy and relationship.

In this article, I’ll show you that toxic relationship lifestyle and how you’ll stay clear from them to retain happiness in your relationship.

If you are ready for this, then let’s dive in at once.
poor communication in marriage1 Poor communication: – From the latest survey, it was found out that one trick for stripping divorce /separation lies in how good and effectively you communicate with your spouse.
From the survey, it was also found out that sixty-five % of divorce came from communication while forty-eight % comes from inability to resolve conflicts.

John Gottman a professor and a marriage expert from Washington University after a research identified. These four communication problems to be main reason for divorce.

a Refusal to communicate at all ( stonewalling )

b “Criticizing of partners personality .

c Contempt

d Defensiveness

All I want to pass across to you this moment is that communication is the bed rock of every successful relationship
A friend of mine said, “if your partner stops talking, start worrying”.

Take a close look at your relationship now and see if all is well about you communication with your spouse, if not, then it’s time to get to work on it.

I have already written on how to communicate effectively, here is the link…..

financial mistakes in marriage2 Financial mistakes: – When it comes to relationships, money is always a big threat. The tendency for separation goes high when a partner thinks the other is not spending money rightly.

A lot of studies conducted lately have shown that money is the number one reason most couples fight, quarrel or divorce.
My advice for you is to understand how much you earn as well as how much you have to spend.

Forget about going on an expensive vacation because your Neighbor did or buying costly jewelry for each. Remember you may not stand the stress that will come later as the debts start coming.
3 Comparing one another: – I am a victim of this myself. I have found myself comparing my wife with other women.
Somehow it looked as if it is in our nature to compare. I said that because it is always so easy for us to compare careers, appearance, as well as our marriage.

But, that can destroy your marriage in a flash. It can suck the soul out of your relationship with your spouse, because it only make you to constantly look for those things you don’t have instead of protecting what you already have .

happy marriage
When you compare your spouse, you are only telling your partner that the other person is better than he /she and also depriving yourself the opportunity of building your personal appreciation for the beauty of your relationship.
In a nutshell, understand that comparing your spouse is not healthy. If you think something is missing, then try to make it happen.
happy marriage,unhappy relationship4 Abuse:– When couples get stocked in abuse, their marriage is negatively affected.
Whether it’s a verbal or emotional abuse, abuse still remains abuse and can destroy any relationship.
Abuse usually starts when one partner tries to control and dominate the other.
The plan of the abusive spouse is just to use fear, shame guilt and intimidation to beat and hold you down under his /her control.
If you are an abusive partner, it’s time quite because you are silently killing your marriage. Just show some respect and remember that your partner is a human being as well.
5 Expecting so much from your partner: – You are still caught in believing that your spouse is an angel and not a human being, that’s why you think he /she can read your mind.
You expect way too much from him /her. You fail into the trap of desiring your wife/your husband to be and do more thing as the year goes by.

Sometimes you expect him to play the role that can only be played by a friend, but all that can only take a big toll on your relationship.
I implore you to stop it this minute. Dr Karin Anderson an associate professor of psychology at Concord University Chicago said “it just hasn’t happened yet, unrealistic expectations can work against you and quest for love “. He also said that anyone in that category may be sabotaging his love life without knowing it.
Stephanie Coontz in her own explanation said that higher expectations can lead to greater disappointments.
My opinion is that you start from this moment and look for those qualities of your marriage which you can’t see anywhere else and only concentrate in them.
Finally:- If your relationship is of utmost importance to you, then you should try to remove all these I have mentioned in this post from your marriage.
It all depends on how fast you want your relationship to grow, but I implore you to keep keeping on even when all looks bad. Don’t relent, just keep nurturing.

I am still your friend murphyaik