Boost Libido in women: Proven ways to boost libido.

Certain lifestyle can affect your sex drive. Alcohol and drug addiction are part of the lifestyles you should drop, so it doesn’t affect it.

Sleep Disorder and Stress:

Stress and sleep disorders go hand in hand. It is the stress that causes sleep abnormalities and insomnia.

When you don’t have enough or good sleep, your body system will be too weak to function normally which can hinder you from performing well sexually.

How Do Hormones Affect Your Libido?

The female “sex steroids”,  or sex hormones play some vital roles in reproduction, sexual development as well as in general health.

Sex hormone levels changes often, and most of those changes happen during pregnancy, puberty, and menopause, and they play important roles during sex.

It is also important you know that when the sex hormones are balanced, it can lead to health problems, infertility, and changes in sexual drive.

There are about three known female sex hormones


Estrogen is a hormone that helps to develop and balance the female reproductive system as well as the female characteristics, like the pubic hairs and the breast.

The estrogen also contributes to the development and functions of the cardiovascular system, bone, cognitive health, and other important body processes.

Although this hormone is present in men, it is produced more in the female.

There are three types of estrogen.

– The Estrone: This is a weaker form of estrogen and they are mostly present after menopause.

– Estriol: This helps the uterus to grow and balance the body for deliverance. The level of estriol usually rises during pregnancy, and peaks after birth.

Estradiol: This is the most important type of estrogen needed during the female reproductive years. Too much of this hormone gives rise to loss of sex drive, acne, depression, and osteoporosis.

When this hormone is too much in the female body, it increases the risk of uterine and breast cancer, the lower level of it also results in cardiovascular disease, and again in weight. That means only the proportional amount of it is needed.

Boost libido, boost libido in women

The Progesterone:

Progesterone is among the group of steroid hormones known as the “progestogens.” It is produced by the corpus luteum which is found in the ovary in the second half of your menstrual cycle.

It helps during your menstrual cycle, and also plays important roles in during the early stages of pregnancy.

The level of progesterone usually fluctuates during pregnancy, and there is no danger of having too much of it in your body, however, a high level of it may increase the risk of developing breast cancer.

The researchers are suggesting that low progesterone may be the reason for infertility or miscarriage after conception. Again, if you experience bleeding at the earlier time of your conception, that’s a sign of low progesterone.


This is found mostly in men,  but it is also present in women on a very low amount.

Here are a few works of testosterone

It aids fertility.

Increase sexual desire

Helps during menstruation

Aid the production of bones and tissue.

Engenders the production of the blood cell.

Boost libido: How to boost libido in women fast.

How to give your body what it wants so your libido will thank you.

Do you know that the way you maintain your body and your health can determine to a large extent how your sex drive will be?

After some research, scientists have suggested that certain types of food will enhance your stamina and as well as improve your sex life.

In this section of the sex guide, we will be looking at how you treat your body to enhance your libido.

Researchers found out that good blood circulation in the body helps in good erection. Simply put, good circulation of blood is vital to healthy sex.

You must learn how to keep your body healthy by eating things that keep your heart healthy ( heart-healthy diets),  like

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