Premarital Counseling Questions: 10 Things You Must Know Now.

Don’t forget to ask questions about your finances before getting married. Start planning your finances from this moment if you want to avoid future issues. Money-related issues have been found to be number one on the list of the most common marital issues.

So sit down and have your finances planned out. Write your expenses down on paper. Find a way to cut the expenses down to avoid living from hand to mouth to mouth in the future. 

Having your finances planned now while you are single will help you to save some money and time, and taking time to ask yourself money-related questions and getting the answers before marriage will help you a great deal to be abreast of future problems.

Use these questions to find a way to handle your money issues.

  • Should we have a joint bank account, a personal bank account, a joint checking account or even two?
  • When there is an argument about how to donate or spend money, how do you tackle it?
  • Do you have any debt that you are coming into this marriage with that I should know about?
  • Who will pay certain bills?
5) Premarital Counseling Questions Concerning the Family:

Many people overlook this part when they talk about how to improve their relationship or marriage, but asking and answering questions about how to allocate household duties and chores can help you tackle and reduce stress in your relationship.

To reduce fights in your relationship, make a good plan for managing your household duties. Here are a few questions and answers to guide you.

  • How do we share the household duties among ourselves to avoid quarrels?
  • Should we take turns doing particular household duties on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis?
  • Do you have any reason or objections to sharing these household duties?
Premarital Counseling Questions
6) Questions about sex in marriage counseling:

Now that you’ve found out how emotionally compatible you are with your significant other, it would also be commensurate to find out each other’s sex drive.

Do you have the same sex drive or a matched sex drive? Answering some questions like that will help you know if you are asexually compatible or not.

If you are planning to go for premarital counseling, you should prepare pre-cana questions and other questions on how to improve sex or at least be on the same page about sex in your marriage.

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