Advice for saving your marriage in 7 days.

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if your marriage is going through so many problems, and you are looking for ways of saving your marriage, and you have read so many books, playing CDs, searched the internet and attended seminars yet you’ve not found the answer to your questions.

This article is for you.

Question is,

do you actually want things to work again in your relationship?

If you do,
Then here are some interesting ways of saving your marriage.


The Best Advice on saving your marriage in Seven days.


Dear, obviously, the best marriage advice that works perfectly well, is the advice you gave to yourself concerning your marriage.

It’s obvious you know why things are going the way they are now, and you have read all the advice you could get anywhere, yet things did not change, this is time to stop and advise yourself to put all you’ve read, learned so far to work.

If you take the decision at this point in reading to be your best, do your best and make some sacrifice that will profit could be the best step into saving your marriage.


Why am I saying all these?

Of course, you will be surprised why I am saying all this, but I will explain it to you in a little while. First, let’s consider the most common marriage problems and their causes.


Most Common Marriage problems


1) Overstepping of each other’s Boundaries:

One of the big problems we face in our relationships is stepping far into our partner’s boundaries.


Boundaries are always there to show you where your power starts and where that of your partner begins.


But, after knowing these, you sometimes deliberately step into where you are not supposed in the name of changing your partner. Maybe changing the fashion style, or trying to change their fundamental beliefs.


Attempting to change your partner means encroachment to his or her privacy, and it makes the other person feel disrespected, hurt and maybe very angry with you.


Probably you are doing all this in others to be in control of your spouse, but when your partner eventually becomes aware of your intentions, he or she sees it as a treat and the mutual understanding between you is jeopardized. It usually results in fights, retaliation, withdrawal, and separation.


2) Emotional Disconnection:

Emotional Disconnection attracts so many things in our marriage- like cheating, disconnection as well as divorce. However, the main causes of emotional detachment are –

  • Complacency
  • Abuse
  • Bearing Grudge
  • Stress.
  • Denial

When there’s emotional detachment, there’s a tenancy that one of the partner’s needs will likely be neglected and if that happens, your partner may start looking outside for fulfillment.


But all these could be avoided. 

We will talk about how later in this post.


3) Selfishness:-

Selfishness in marriage simply means that one partner is placing his personal desires and needs ahead of the others. After sometimes the partner starts feeling neglected and unloved. And then marriage starts deteriorating.


4) Anger and Loss of Control:-

Anger and Loss of anger are inevitable in every relationship, but It can affect relationships so negatively especially when the couples didn’t address the issues well and on time.


However, anger can be avoided in a relationship if one can advise him or herself to change attitude.


5 “Values and beliefs”:-

Problems about different believes and values is another issue that has turned some relationships to bitter experiences.


Of course, there must be differences and disagreements within the couple, however, almost all of them can be dealt with immediately before is results in other things.


It only depends on how both of you chose to go about it. However, the best bet is to make up your mind to make things better. 


Did you see that? 

When you take a close look at all the six marriage problems I mentioned in this post, you’ll definitely agree with me that it wouldn’t be much of trouble to solve, if couples could just decide to advise themselves to do their best to make the marriage successful.


Here’s what I mean Problems

of overstepping into someone’s boundary would be solved if you mind your own boundaries, your partner wouldn’t have been challenging and fighting you about it and Emotional detachment would be avoided if you have decided to be more romantic and caring to your partner.


 Selfishness would be a thing of the past if you decide today to care more about your partner’s need rather than yours, and it wouldn’t cost you anything to do so than just changing how you view this life.


At the same time, temperament loss of control can also be dealt with if you desire to. You only have to make up your mind to be slow in your judgment of others.



you can change anything you or don’t want in this life, especially if someone else has tried and succeeded and I have written down some advice for saving your marriage in this post.

So take time to go through it, and ask yourself what needs to be changed and what needs to be improved and then get down to work immediately to bring the peace you so desired.


Everything is possible when you advise yourself to personally make your marriage succeed.


I sincerely wish this post will help you solve your problem; if it does, then remember to share




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