7 things you will know are true only if you are married to an egoistic husband

egoistic husband, proud husband

egoistic husband, proud husbandIf you are married to an egoistic man, you and only you will understand what I am about talk about in this post.

It can really be infuriating when you are married to an egoistic husband, things can never be right, it will only get worse.

Am not saying they are bad people, I only know them as fault people,

You can never do anything in this life that will be right to them; they are the only Mr right in the whole world.

To my entire client that are looking for Mr right, these are not the type you are looking for.

These ones are so full of themselves and their lives are only centered on their “perfect image”, and trust me you will never win any argument with him no matter how you try.

The only slogan they know well is “me myself and I”.
If you are married or dealing with such a person, you know what am talking about here.

Here are five other only you know about an egoistic husband.

1) They are not easy to relate with:- You will agree with me that it’s a big task to relate with an egoist, because there’s never anything you can do to please, him.

They always see themselves as more important than anyone else and also see it as a big sin to acknowledge other people’s feelings or needs, so what’s the need of trying, why you know it’s very hard to try to relate.


2) They know how to seek revenge: – If you for any reasons mistakenly do something wrong to an egoist, know that there’s nothing like forgiveness with him.

He will revenge to the last and because they always see themselves as most important, any I’ll word you speak about him becomes a big sin and he will not let go very easily and can make him very aggressive.


3) They can insult anyone any time:-They don’t care a thing about anyone’s feelings and so they don’t care whether you feel hurt from the way they talk to you or not.

They also don’t mind disgracing you in public, because they see themselves as the only right person and they never feel sorry for any of their actions, instead they find a way to justify it.


4) Always very adamant: – They always want everything they said to be carried out to the last, and they are ready to shout, nag, scold, and scream.

They can stand if you do not follow their order and can disturb the whole world if you don’t.


5) Their choice of words: – Their choice of words is always different from an ordinary person.

You’ll always hear such words like “I see things differently, I am not your type, I am too good for that, I have my different way of doing things.

Everything he will do or say is to satisfy his ego only.


6) They want to be different: – Because he feels more important, more superior to anybody, he always wants to be differentiated from everybody.

Here are few ways they want to differentiate themselves

– They try to dress differently.

– Use superior gadgets than everyone.

Like to be identify with people he think are equal to him.

– Won’t mind buying costly car just to show he belongs.


7) Always want to be in control:- Because they feel superior, they also believe they know how best things could be, and they want to be in control of everything.

When things don’t go the way they want, they become so angry and ready to do anything to protect their ego.


Finally:- Egoistic husbands are wonderful people also if you understand how to deal with them.

If you are not married to a egoist yet, my advice to for you is to avoid him totally, but if you are already married, then understand that the only way to live happily with them is to accept him and accept everything he says or do to avoid trouble.


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  1. Are you as the Author helping our dear Lady friends deal with Egoistic men or actually helping end relationships and the would be marriages?

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