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7 Sure Ways of getting ready for marriage.

Setting goals also helps you and your better half understand each other and also help you achieve a great fulfillment in other aspects of your marriage.

It’s a very good idea for both of you to talk about your future dreams.

How would you like your relationship to be in the next 3,5_7 or more years be?

It all starts with what you do today.

getting ready for marriage

3) Talk about your expectations:-

Communication still stands the number one bedrock of every successful relationship and you start from your time of dating to get it right since both of you are planning to be a team.

It’s also pertinent that both of you should be open as you talk about anything that matters as you discuss your future marriage.

As a couple to be, there is a need to discuss household, intimacy, roles, finance, and other important things.

4) Give up your bad habits:-

Many marriages are strained today because many couples are unable to break their individual habits.
You see= }} habits are very common to everyone whether it’s good or bad, but while the good ones help to build your relationship, the other will definitely interfere negatively in your marriage.

And so the best thing to do is to take absolute care about those habits you know that can be detrimental to your relationship. It may be drinking habit, gambling or drug; whatever it is, the way forward is giving them up completely before getting into marriage so that your personal problem doesn’t become your marriage problem.

getting ready for marriage

5) Clear your debts:-

The best way to begin a relationship is to start “fresh”

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