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Love is certainly a wonderful thing, but having your marriage work properly is another matter. This is because while love is the foundation of a successful marriage, your relationship can be battered down by a number of issue.But if you know the secrets to a sweeter marriage, then you are good to go.


Love is not enough

This is because love in and of itself provides no structure, no training for how to work with your partner in the day to day relationship that is marriage.


Successful marriages are based on listening to your spouse, trusting them to do what is right and keeping the proper perspective.


What follows are five powerful secrets to a happy marriage. All of the advice are from the couples who have enjoyed long, successful marriages in which they overcome the rough patches with tried and true techniques.


4 Secrets to A sweeter Marriage.


1) Mind Your Manners

It’s funny how we often we show more respect to a stranger than we do to our spouse. As parents, we demand that our children learn proper manners, but those in unsuccessful marriages often do not use them with each other.


To be respectful to each other starts with the little things such as saying please when passing the salt rather than just demanding the salt.


Discuss Tense Subjects when You Are Ready

In every marriage there are going to be issues that will arise which may require serious discussion.


Such discussions should not take place if you are tired or hungry. Set aside a time where you can discuss such matters, when both of you are ready. This is a powerful secret to a sweeter marriage.


2) Keep Money in its Place

The subject of money has been and always will be the single greatest form of stress on a marriage. The lack of having enough money to do what is needed puts an untold hardship on the marriage, so it is vitally important that such stresses be kept in their proper perspective.

There have been many happy couples who have overcome tremendous financial hardship and so can you and your spouse.


3) Treat Your Spouse like the Honored Guest in the House

Similar to minding your manners, treating your spouse like the most honored guest means that you listen to what they have to say and show a little deference before acting upon your emotions.


Naturally, this only works if both spouse are on the same page, but it’s amazing just how many potential problems or misunderstandings can be avoided when treating your spouse as an honored guest.


4) Make a Date Night

Create a night once a month where you can spend a few hours with each other and without the children present. You don’t have to go out, but you should spend some time alone enjoying a favorite activity, such as playing games with your friends for example.


If you are taking care of an infant, then it’s okay to bring them along. Remember however that this is a night for the both of you to enjoy as adults.


Rounding up

By employing each of these five techniques, you can help bring more happiness to your marriage. It takes a little practice and patience, but the ultimate secret to a sweeter marriage is the effort you put in towards each to make your relationship work.


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