3 Ways to rebuild trust in your marriage.

You are not keeping those words just because you want to keep the rules of trust, but because you recognized your partner’s trust in you and her willingness to respect it.

That’s the reason you made a promise to fix the bulb in the kitchen and, do it, or promise to take him/ her out for a walk at 6 pm and fulfill it as well.

Promise and failure can destroy trust in a relationship like nothing else does.

Faithfulness also means learning and understanding your partner so much so you know how he or she responds to situations like

– pains, stress, happiness, sadness.

Maybe he/ she likes to be alone at some moments or needs a shoulder to ease tensions.

Knowing all these makes you accept each other the way you are, and makes you not try changing each other.

Now you know what being faithful to your partner is all about, how do you consolidate faithfulness in your marriage?

  • Get close to God:– in the scripture, we are instructed to get close to our God so He could get closer to us too (James 4:8.)

Always understand that without God, you can’t do anything. If we keep God at a distance from our relationships, then we will see things falling apart and we will be growing apart from each other too.

We get closer to God by simply renewing our minds constantly with the word of God, praying without ceasing, and having regular communion with God.

  • Get close to your spouse:-Since you decided to settle down with your spouse, it’s also important you do everything to be close together. Let that be your number one priority.
  • Mind your thoughts:- What you think always determines who you are. That’s why you should always mind what you think about it.

Take for instance, before someone cheats, it would’ve been properly deliberated up before execution. It’s our thought that leads to what we say or does. So be responsible for it.

  • Take care of your actions:- The next step is to take care of your actions. All your actions are not carried out all of a sudden, you did them because you carefully thought about them.

When you browse pornographic websites, you chose to, when you slept with your secretary, you chose to, and when you switched your television to a sports channel, you also chose to. in other words, you can choose not to do all of those.

If you can control what you think, do, or say, then your partner will trust and respect you always. What a sweet home you’ll have.

#2 How to rebuild trust in your Marriage 

Accept your Wrongs and apologize:– If eventually, you breached the trust in your relationship, then it is necessary you accept what you did and then bring all the information about your Wrongs to the table and solve it.

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