Definitive Advice: How to get Pre-marriage Counseling.

You will agree with me that if most couple had taken their time to attend Pre-marriage counseling, before hooking up, there will ever be troubles or separation.

Why did I say so?

Because at least those things which usually bring issues in marriage would have been properly taken care of during the marriage counseling sessions.

What is a marriage counseling?:-

Marriage counseling is an advice / training provided generally by people who are trained on helping couples restore peace, and love into their marriages.

These people are addressed as marriage and family therapists.


Just like other therapists, marriage and  family therapists also give the same health and mental services, however, their main focus is mainly on couple’s and their relationship.


Pre-marriage counseling will help in a great way to prepare couples properly for their marriage.

Couple who attended counseling learns how to be strong and firm when there’s set back and challenges in marriage which is obviously unavoidable.

It also helps you and your spouse enjoy a strong, healthy relationship.

Here are more reasons for Pre-Marriage counseling.


  • Planning the future:-Pre marital therapist do not just help husband and wife walk through their current marital issues, they also help them set their plan for the future .

A Therapist also helps couples to get their finances right, by helping them set family planning as well as financial goals, and even help them accomplish those set goals.

So many couples started their family in debts probably because they had an exorbitant wedding which they really couldn’t finance .

During the pre- marital counseling, the counselor can help you set a budget for your wedding, and also help you discover the credibility of your would be partner as well as if they have any outstanding payments or pending serviceable loans and overdraft.


  • You’ll gain insight:- The real fact is that when two people are in love, they tend to overlook those important things that they ultimately have to face when married. Premarital counseling can shed light on these issues and help the couple solve them before it takes them by surprise.


  • It help to create effective communication skills

Communication is a vital part of every relationship . And effective communication is the most important aspects of it.


Any relationship that lacks good communication is bound to break. However, Seeing a marriage therapist before marriage can give you the opportunity to learn to communicate effectively with your partner.


You will also understand when to talk and when to listen during conversation with your partner. After a long time in marriage, couple starts taken themselves for granted, but when there’s an open conversation, confidence is restored and joy.

It’s the work of a therapist to teach the couples to be how to communicate properly.


  • Learning Something New:-
    During pre marriage counseling sessions the would be couples will be able to learn and talk about things that doesn’t even come up even in normal conversation with your partner.

The truth is we don’t find time to talk about our sex expectations, and “past hurtful experiences”, during our conversation with our partner. But counseling sessions pose the opportunities for you to talk it over before marriage.


  • Prevents Divorce:-
    One of the reasons for attending marriage counseling is to help prevent divorce. From Studies, it was found out that couples who attended counseling before hooking up are 30% unlikely to fight often than those who didn’t.

This helps to reduce risk of divorce to the minimum.

Pre marriage counseling is very important, however you have to be careful to look for a good therapist to guide you right.

It’s imperative you search for a therapist you can trust very well and who specialize with your problems.

Some of them are not trained and so working with them will help to pole you and your partner apart, instead of bringing you together.

If you are not sure how to do that, then follow me closely now.


Here’s How to find a good pre- marriage counselor to work with.

To find a good counselor to work with, you really have to take your time to do the search. You don’t have to be in haste, otherwise you’ll make a grave mistake.

One good way to go is by asking your families or friends:- A good way to start is having your friends or family to recommend the marriage counselor they know pretty well as qualified. However, if you are not comfortable asking people, here are other ways.

  1. Another way is to look for a licensed therapist.
    You can do a search on reputable directories.
    Search the internet National marriage registration.
  2. C E E F T ( International Center of Excellence in emotional focused Therapy).

Who is a Good happy Marriage Therapist?

A good family counselor is one who has a specific and special training about marriage. Many therapist claims to be professional in the things about marriage, and yet they know nothing about it.

Make sure the counselor have the correct credentials as well authentic license or certification as stipulated by your local government and which also varies according to states.

Look for a counselor in your locality:-

There’s also need to look for a good marriage counselor from around where you live, so it will be easy and convenient for you to visit anytime you choose.

Reason is that you’ll need to see him for a number of sessions, and coming from a distance can make you lose some of the seasons and that may ruin the outcome of their work.


However, you must understand that even the experienced and qualified marriage counselor may not solve your problems. To achieve your goals you may need to have an interview with him/her, so you could understand how this counselor plans to help you solve your problems.


How to Make the Most Out of Your pre-marriage Counseling Sessions.

You must accept that things are not going to be easy sometimes. Pre marriage counseling takes time, you may need to schedule for more than one session to get the answers you need, and so to make the most out of your session, you should remember that the sessions is not just to “win”.

You and your partner to be should keep and open mind and also be willing to change that’s already deteriorating.

Don’t let anyone know about your sessions, make it private and never tell even your closest friends about it or relatives about it.
Keep your sessions completely don’t let even your mother, or anyone know about it and don’t post on social media even, it can make matters worse.

Trust is very important when you want to improve your relationship.
Also try to show your partner to be how happy you are that he/she accepted seeing the therapist with you.

Here are few things a good counselor will try to help you achieve.

  • Help to change abnormal behavior:-
    A good couples therapists will strive to help the would be couples change their ways they thinking and acting with each other.

He will also show them how not to engage in things that can cause physical harm both physically, psychologically and economically to them.

  • Help you change your view as regards to your relationship:-A good Marriage counselor will help both of you change your views about relationship, and also help you see it in another way.
  • He/she will help you know what to avoid that will destroy or help their relationship in future.


To be on the safe side of marriage, it’s imperative you do everything you should to get the best out of your marriage.

One of such things is to have a pre-marriage counseling before wedding as that will help you understand what makes a marriage work or fail.

Knowing all these will give you a strong edge against whatever will come in future to disrupt your relationship.

5 Sweet Things to Say to Your Wife Everyday

You’ll agree with me that there are days when you’ll feel like you are down in the spirit and all you could need at that moment are some words of encouragements; if someone could just utter a word of encouragement, you’ll feel better. Likewise, there sweet things you can say to your wife daily to make her feel loved.


Words really have powers and it goes straight to the heart.
If you’ve are not sure what those word are, then get ready, because in this post, I will show you five sweet things you can tell your wife daily to brighten her day.


If you could say the truth, you’ll admit that it’s never easy for your partner to be married to you, because you know sometimes you are not just that easy to deal with, yet she remains loyal to you.

Sometimes all she may just requires is for you to just say those things that can make he feel encouraged and loved

Some weeks back, I watched my wives countenance changed completely throughout the day just because I told her “I feel blessed to have her as a wife“, that I thought if these word could change her mood and make her do more for the marriage,then I’ll have to say more of that.


You can decide that with me and see what impact it will make in your wives life.


In this post I will show you some phases you will say to encourage your wife.


5 Sweet Things to say to your wife to make her feel loved.



1) I thank God you are mine:

Women love to be reminded of the impact they have made in your life, they want to know that out of all the women you came across, that you chose them because you love them.

Do not hesitate to tell her that. Therefore, go ahead today and tell her how you appreciates God for giving you her. she will live to cherish that moment forever.


2) I thank God for waking up by your side:-

Nothing can compare with letting your wife know you appreciate her all the time, and she’ll feel more loved and blessed when you wake up in the morning, holding her hands and looking straight to her eyes you tell her you feel happy waking up beside her.


You will feel loved yourself if you say those words and mean it.

Then from that moment, watch your wife closely, you will see her doing her best with joy. Try that today.


3) I love you so much:-

Most times we feel there’s no need of using the phrase ” I love you” for our wives, since we are not pursuing her anymore. But our wives want to hear that every time.
You may be buying her gifts, giving her large pay checks, the word I love you supersedes every thing.

Here’s what you should do now! Just call her phone and tell her how much you love her.


4) You are such an Amazing woman:-

She will also want to know what value you placed on her.
Some men feels their wives are just there to make children and take care of the chores in the house.

However, if your wife is worth more than a mother and a house mate to you, then tell her she is amazing when she’s done mending the bed in the morning, making breakfast for you and most especially after going through the days stress with the children.


5) ‘You are Beautiful:-

Try telling your wife about how beautiful she is every time and especially when she dresses up. Most men always assumes their wives already knows they are Beautiful and never needs to be told.

The truth is most women even when they are beautiful never feels so, because the world is busy telling them the opposite.
So you must tell your wife she’s beautiful always, because they want to hear that often.


You will be shocked to know that even the most beautiful woman wants to be told they are beautiful especially when they took time to apply facial makes.

Truth is that if you learn to tell your wife how beautiful she is from time to time, you’ll be making her feel happy and be relieved from pressures.


you should always look for the best words that will encourage your wife always and say them to are there to complement each other and be the source of relief to yourselves.


valentines day ideas

10 Interesting Couple Valentine’s Day Ideas for you

valentines day ideasIf you and your partner are brainstorming about romantic ways to celebrate this Valentine’s day, then this post is perfect for you and in few minutes I will show some perfect couple Valentine’s day ideas that will be suitable and inexpensive for you.


Fact is that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive or that fanciful before it’s perfect, because it should be all about spending some special time with the love of your life.


Although there are series of things you can do to make this Valentine’s Day remarkable, however I really want to be sure what I’ll show you in this post will not be quickly forgotten by both you and your partner.

And so even if you didn’t visit the Disneyland, you’ll do your best to make your partner feel extra special during this Val’s Day.
If that is what you want, then here are interesting couple Valentine’s Day idea for you .


      10 Couple Valentine’s Day ideas.


1) Indoor Threat:

The best thing about Valentine’s Day is that you are spending good times with someone Special to you and not how or where you spent the day, in other words you can have it in the house. Just get you best meals ready and enjoy yourselves.


2) Go out:-

If you desire not to stay at home, then go to a nearby restaurant and give yourselves a good threat.

3) Write an Open romantic Letter to her about Why You love him/her:-

Get a romantically designed book and pen down some reasons why you love your partner. You don’t have to be good writer, but let the writing flow from deep down your heart. Share the good memories you had together.


4) Drop some Love Signs:-
Wow your spouse with some drops of love signs at every corner of the house so when he/ she comes home on that 14 February he/ she will meet the surprises.Place a beautifully designed welcome home on the door leading to the kitchen and sitting room.


Another good idea for your val will be to drop romantic notes to his/ her car describing how you love your spouse. That will keep him/her thrilled always.

5) Visit Cinema:-


Go to any cinema around and watch nice romantic movies together.

6) Have a sweet and passionate sex:-

I know you’ve been making love all the while, but this Valentine’s day take some time to have the type of sex you’ve never had before.

If it entails learning new ways to make it passionate enough, do so. Let the love making be a lasting memories in your minds.

7) Get Gifts:-

Surprise your spouse with nice customized gifts.

8) Have romantic Discussion:-

This should not be time to talk about money or job experiences. Just talk about your love for each other and what to do to love each other better.

9) Get Cultural:-

Take a tour to a museum or art gallery. This can ignite some romantic conversation that will make both of you know more about each other.


10) Enjoy cooking together:-

If there’s any meal you enjoy so much, then two of you can get busy preparing it together. It feels so amazing creating something romantic with your love.

When you are done with that, set up a dinner table for two with candle light, with soft music and enjoy your meal together.


Finally:- Love shouldn’t only be given or taken only on the valentine’s day. Make everyday special using these valentine’s day ideas in this post on the daily basis and see your partner happy always.