20 Relationship facts you should note now

The fact is that the longer people stay together, the less they want to have sex. But you should make every effort not to let it die completely.

14) You will sometimes be irritated:

As the relationship matures, so many things start coming up that may irritate you but don’t be moved.


15) You will not be happy always:-

Some times you will feel elated and some times your partner may provoke you.

16) Always recognize the warning signs:-

Some signs will be glaring to you about the status of the relationship. Never ignore any.

17) It may result in marriage or not:-

it’s not every relationship that resulted in marriage, so if you don’t happen, just move on.

18) Happiness comes

from your inside and not outside:- Never expect to get your happiness from your partner. It comes from within.

19) You can’t change your partner:-

Trying to change your partner will bring more trouble to you and the truth is that you can’t succeed, so don’t even try.

20) You will hurt each other:-

No one is perfect and both of you are included: that means you’ll hurt yourselves one day or the other.


Go ahead and write the 12th point you remember, use the comments box to show what you feel about any relationship you know or have seen, and also tell me the relationships facts listed in this post are good.

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