20 Relationship facts you should note now

Relationship fact

People have different opinions about a relationship, some said it takes great work to maintain a relationship, and some said it easy, but here some related facts you should know.


When you observe different relationships, you discover that some are not thriving well, but most are doing very great.


There are reasons for that

No relationship is created equal and so different relationships have different ways of thriving.


And so whether you are already into any relationship or planning to start one, here are some relationships facts you must have in mind.


1) Relationships are not the same:-

Every relationship is made of different individuals with different lifestyles, and that also makes their relationship unique.


That clearly means that what works for the other relationships may not work the same for yours. Understand that so you can discover the solutions that are meant for your relationship.


2) You must be ready to sacrifice:-

Relationships thrive well on sacrifices. You must discover the personal sacrifices you should make to influence your relationship.


3) Relationships aren’t that simple.

They take real work, devoted time, and great effort. They also need a great amount of compromise to make it work. Also, be humorous.

4) First, love yourself and then expect love:-

You can never love someone’s character genuinely if you don’t love yours first. So before going into any relationship, try accepting yourself for who you are first, that’s when you can accept others.


5) your relationship is never about you:- To make your relationship successful, think less of your happiness and think more of your partners.

6) Communication is the bedrock:-

Relationships can never thrive without good communication. Open and sincere communication makes the couple feel secured and happy in their relationship.



7) The fight is inevitable:-

It doesn’t matter how you feel about each other, you must have reasons to disagree sometimes, but always be quick to settle the scores.

8) Sometimes you will feel lonely:-

Many people believe relationship/marriage will fill the gaps in their lives, but that’s not true, you will feel left alone sometimes.


9) You’ll feel like throwing in the towels sometimes:-

So many things will happen that will make you want to quit the relationship, take some before taking decisions.

10) Resentment sometimes sets:-

Another important relationship fact to note is that after a long time in relationships we start discovering how imperfect our partners are. And sometimes you start resenting them as well.



11) It requires more than love.

You need more than love to maintain a relationship. You also need to respect companionship, understanding, friendship, trust, honesty, and good communication to have a successful relationship.



12) Work hard and get the results:-

Another relationship facts you must have in mind is that there are so much works to do to keep a relationship So much work. Difficult work.


Most times you have to access your behavior with truth and honesty and not your partners and sometimes you have to compromise and also accept being guilty even when you are not. All these are very hard to do, but it pays off after.


13) Sex is also important:-

The fact is that the longer people stay together, the less they want to have sex. But you should make every effort not to let it die completely.


14) You will sometimes be irritated:

As the relationship matures, so many things start coming up that may irritate you but don’t be moved.

15) You will not be happy always:-

Some times you will feel elated and some times your partner may provoke you.


16) Always recognize the warning signs:-

Some signs will be glaring to you about the status of the relationship. Never ignore any.


17) It may result in marriage or not:-

it’s not every relationship that resulted in marriage, so if you don’t happen, just move on.


18) Happiness comes

from your inside and not outside:- Never expect to get your happiness from your partner. It comes from within.



19) You can’t change your partner:-

Trying to change your partner will bring more trouble to you and the truth is that you can’t succeed, so don’t even try.



20) You will hurt each other:-

No one is perfect and both of you are included: that means you’ll hurt yourselves one day or the other.




Go ahead and write the 12th point you remember, use the comments box to show what you feel about any relationship you know or have seen, and also tell me the relationships facts listed in this post are good.

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