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16 Sure smart but bad marriage advices

11 Couples in good communication automatically becomes closer with time:-


No marriage becomes strong or happy just like that. It takes the sincere and constant work, cares and nurturing of the couples to make it happen.

Let’s use this as an example: We must study hard if we want to get good grades in our exams, we must exercise if we want to be fit and it takes proper work if we will achieve any good thing in life; you can never achieve anything by merely fantasizing.

That is how it is about relationships and marriage. You can like it to a living organism that needs time to grow. Tweet This

Couples will never at all times feel affectionate or close towards each other. There are times when things will look like all will be over in a minute, when you will be asking yourself if you made a mistake to get married in the first instance.

But those moments are the most important time in every marriage. It is a time of growth.

Always have in your consciousness that nothing about your marriage will come on its own. You must have to devote yourselves to nurturing, building and working to make it happen.

(12)Marriage is more beneficial to man than it is to women:-

This is one of the bad marriage advice that can destroy a marriage. This makes women feel that their role in marriage is a “negative light” and that they are a problem to their husband’s desire.

Women feel much free in marriage when they are sure that they are well recognized and appreciated; that is when they try all they could to do more for their marriage to succeed.

This will also help to make women not seeing themselves as a generous helper and the husband as the only benefactor.


13 Long term marriage is all about good romantic love and good luck:-


From the survey, the couple under survey accepted that the reason for more marital happiness lies in their ability to communicate and being each other’s companion.

Those couples who are happy in their marriage share compatibility and life in value and interest.

14 Strong marriage also depends on hard work, commitment and dedication. There is nothing as good luck. Tweet This

You must plan from the very first; start by writing down what you want in your marriage and work towards it.

15 It is wrong to pursue your needs individually:

I am yet to understand why people believe that partners must do everything together always. Does it mean one cease to be who he/she was before getting married? No!

Everybody has his or her own life to live notwithstanding the one they have as married couples. It is imperative that couples should take a personal interest in each other’s goals, however, that is very different than saying that they are compelled to do all things together.

If couples are expected to do everything together, that will clearly leave every one of the spouses feeling trapped into the relationship.

There are some marriages where couples feel better when they are together, and some need to be separated sometimes if they should feel better.

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The point is this. Look for the method that suits your marriage perfectly and go on with it.

(16) Every couple must work together to make sure the marriage works well:

Obviously, this sounds smart, but it’s actually another bad marriage advice to disbelieve.

Of course, It is true that partners must work as a team to make their marriage stand well. But what if your marriage is passing through trials and maybe your partner does not look as he/ she wants to get involved in finding a solution to it.

Maybe you know exactly what to do to repair the marriage. Would you go on waiting for your other half, or do what you have to do to heal your marriage?

One partner can single-handedly take steps that could get the marriage back to its normal stage if he or she desires.

Let me round up with this:

It is obvious you will get lots of information when you want to take a new step in life. The most important thing is to compare it and know if it’s one of the bad marriage advice or good advice too.

Remember, the success or failure of your marriage is in your hand; take a proper step and you will make everyone happy. But one single mistake can destroy the relationship you have taken time to build. It is that easy.

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