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16 Sure smart but bad marriage advices

One important thing you must do is to expect the best for your marriage.

There is no doubt marriage can produce joy naturally, however, there is no doubt also about what stress living and sharing a life with someone can produce, and the stress will be more to you when you have the belief your marriage will fix it.

Nobody is responsible for your happiness and not even your marriage.

Believing your spouse to bring joy and happiness to you, will only make you put more unrealistic pressure that will hurt your marriage.

Marriage requires more work:

That may be true only if you think having sex is work, holding hands as you take a stroll together is work, taking a summer holiday, or spending quality time with your spouse is also work.

Understand this. : )

Marriage does not require much work. All you need to make your marriage work properly is just attention. Your partner needs your pure and undivided attention most of the time.

The marriages that crumbled was because proper attention was not given to it.

In the same way, your health will deteriorate when you did not pay attention to it, that is how your marriage will crumble when you refuse to devote your time to it.

So you must remove your mind from the feelings that marriage takes more work and plan on how to pay proper attention to your marriage. That is when you will see the changes you require.


My spouse should instinctively understand my want and need if he/she really love me:


Your spouse is just a human being just as you are and there is no way he/she could read your mind to know your wants and needs.

You must make frantic efforts to communicate them clearly to your spouse that is when you can expect him/her to know all you need.

So instead of believing that your spouse should read your mind and know what your needs are if the love is there, replace it with if I love my spouse, I must be open to tell him/her what I need and not expect him/her to be a mind reader.

Women should not always be direct about their decisions.

It is better and healthier, to be honest, and open during communication with one another to eliminate “repression” or manipulations.

I have heard so many times from people that women should be creative when they want to share the desires and ideas rather than saying them directly in other not to confuse.

But this is what I think is the best especially when you are trying to make your marriage strong; it is pretty much better to make decisions together, that will take away subtle and other “manipulative games” from your marriage.


You don’t have to invite outsiders to help you solve your marital problems:

Somehow this tends to be true: but that is not when you look for people that are inexperienced in family issues.

There may be times in your marriage when you will need a marriage therapist, counselor, financial planner, or sex therapist to help you in most of the areas mentioned above.

When things are not moving the way they should in some areas of your marriage, look for an expert that studied how to solve those problems. They may bring the solution you need.


Look at how other partners are living and inculcate it in your marriage:-

It is okay to have a role model. However, sometimes in life what works for someone else may not work for the other.

Marriage is a relationship between different people with different attitudes and lifestyles. Tweet This

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To make your marriage work the way you want it, you must know and understand your partner very well, when you know your spouse, you will know how best to live with him or her.

This is the reason why what works for one marriage may not work for you.

Figure out the things that will work and make your marriage stronger and get busy doing it.

Example: you know some couples who travel out of the country for summer and you force yourself to do the same when you have a tight budget; what do you think will happen next? Debt, and eventually stress.

10 The best way to change your spouse is to point out their errors, inadequacies immediately:-

One of the ways to destroy your marriage in 10 minutes is to believe you can change your partner. Blames and nagging is the best recipe for that.

The only way you can help to change your spouse is to develop good communication skills, but you cannot achieve that through criticisms and nagging. That will only hurt your marriage the more.


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