15 ways to know if a Nigerian man is married

ways to know if a Nigerian man is married

So you are looking for ways to know if a Nigerian man is married or not?

I commend you for that because it is a step in the right direction,

Here is why:

If you want to succeed in your relationship, you need to get ready before marriage. One of the steps to take at this point is to ask a few questions about whom you want to marry.

For example:

  • The background of your intending partner.
  • Ask about your suitor.
  • The traditional marriage rites.
  • The customs of the people.

These questions help you to determine if you should go on with the marriage or not.

In this article,  I will show you ways to know if a Nigerian man is married, and how to know if a Nigerian man is serious about you.

After reading this, you will know if he is serious about marrying you, or he is just playing you.

Let’s get into it

10 ways to know if a Nigerian man is married:

He Will Never Invite You To His House:

If you are dating an already married man, don’t expect him to invite you to his house because that will never happen, or else he is very serious about marrying, or he has probably divorced his wife.

No married man wants to destroy their marriage so they do everything to prevent you from visiting him at home.

However, if he wants to take you home, then there is another plan along the way, if not that’s a red flag.

Igbo man, marrying from africa

2) He Will Never Introduce You To His Household:

The last thing a Nigerian married man will do is to take you home or to his close friends or introduce you as a spouse.

If he is courageous to introduce you to his friends, then that’s as a business associate or friend.

What is the need to let yourself be addressed as who you are not because you are dating married men?

There’s are many men out there to date than are still single. Be patient, you will surely find one.

3) Your Mind Tell You That:

Some times, you may not have to wait till you see a sign to know that a Nigerian man is married, you have to listen to your intuition.

If it has been occurring to you that something is not right with that guy, then listen to your mind.

It may be a good sign to note.

4) He Only Takes You To Secluded Places:

The man that loves you and wants to be identified with you will always be bold to brandish you.

They are not afraid to be seen anywhere with you. But a married Nigerian man will only take you to a secluded place.

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