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15 Ways to have a blissful married life

11) Give a little space to each other:-

Everyone needs time alone to think and meditate on certain things; make that space available to your partner.

In as much as time together is important, time apart is also required to make things work properly in a relationship.

However, you should not let communication cease as you are doing that as a lack of communication kills any marriage.

Enjoy your private time, but remember to fill each other in as soon as you catch up.
You can relate with your partner if anything is bothering you, maybe he could be of good help.

have a blissful married life

12) Never sleep with that problem:-

Fighting and quarreling don’t mean your marriage is not working.

It is obviously another important part of marriage.
The only thing that matters greatly is not the fight, but the inability to make up fast.
So now, nag as much as you can, fight as much as you can but do not let the sun go down without settling the disputes.

13) Have a realistic expectation for your relationship:-

It is good to love your partner so much, but remember you still have so many years to live together and so prepare your mind for some imperfections.

Don’t be swept off when you see those weaknesses.

Remember no one is perfect and that every marriage needs work, and so don’t expect miracles for your relationship to work, you have to make it work by yourself if you want to have a blissful married life.

14) Say sorry often:-

A lot of people find it hard to admit their wrongs, And so many relationships are broken today because of the inability to say ” I am sorry”.

A survey conducted years back in San Francisco shows that the partners who say sorry often are the ones who succeeded in their marriage.

Learn to compromise sometimes just to make your relationship better and as well have a blissful married life

15) Scan your marriage for Virus every time:-

A lot of things are detrimental to any relationship.
Examples are – lies, keeping bad friends, staying out late in the night, alcoholism, nagging, yelling and so many other things.

The best way to have a blissful married life is to keep it from being infected by those viruses.
Scan your marriage on a daily bases and make sure those viruses are removed.

15) Complement and do not criticize:-

If you are in the criticizing game, you may be harming your marriage.

I didn’t say you shouldn’t complain when you are upset but know when you are criticizing instead of complaining.

When you criticize you are attacking the whole person, but complaining is disapproval of certain actions.

Don’t feel you are helping your partner to improve by criticizing him/ her, it can only kill instead of helping him.

To help your partner do better, compliment more than complaining or criticizing him/her.


the best approaches that will help you to have a blissful married life are to do whatever you know that will make your relationship better every day.

Never complain if it looks as if your partners are not helpings matters.
Your relationship can be successful because you are very committed to it.

I hope this post will be a good help to you, and if it is, please share it with your family and friends.

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