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15 Ways to have a blissful married life

Remember, your marriage is not so much about you, but about your partner.

4) Have respect for your partner’s weakness and important points:-

Understand when he/she is not ready to play and steer clear.
Everyone sometimes needs time to be alone.

Also do not make jest of him/her with his /her weaknesses, don’t use it for jokes.
She may not be happy when you are making jest with what she told you in the secret about his or her family.

If she can’t stand you making jokes with her attempts to get back to size 12 failed, then never do that at all.

It is good to laugh away matters as couples, but know when you cross the boundary.

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5) Keep your relationship in the present:-

If you want your marriage successful then you have to avoid keeping track of the past and forgone issues or mistakes.

Think of the future always.
I know it is always hard to do, but if what you want is your partner’s happiness and to have a blissful married life, for you then you’ve got to forget all the past and move forward.

6) Make your partner your priority:-

Of course, I don’t mean you should make your life completely revolving around your partner, but for getting married to each other, you have pledged to be his/her priority.

Be sure to respect that decision by trying everything you should to be and do the best for your partner’s happiness.

7) Don’t betray your partner’s confidence:-

If your partner tells you things in confidence, do not use it as a weapon against him/ her when there’s a little challenge or argument.

Remember, your partner trusted you by telling you about that, it is not a weapon.

8) Understand your partner’s body language:

Know when your spouse is happy or sad, weak or strong.

Just be sensitive to his/ her feelings.

If you sense that the mood is not good, hold his/her hand and ask what the matter is; probably all he/she needed at that point is just attention.

Always show that you are there every time you are needed.

9) Have time for each other:

As the relationship grows in age, a lot of things will arise to keep you from having your time together.

But you must try everything not to let the alone time die, even if it means sacrificing your private time to have it, do that.

Even when your time is fully taken by your work or other activities, yet you can squeeze out even as little as 15 minutes to be alone with your better half.

10) Help out when needed:-

Sometimes, your partner may come back tired and still have to make certain things ready.
But you can respite him/her from that by helping out, having in mind that he/she is as human as you are.

Make efforts to help out whether the help is requested from you or not, it will help your marriage succeed.

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