11sincere signs you are not ready for marriage now.

To you, that is the last thing on your gender. All you want now is to be the best in your career. You go early to work and get home late. No time to mingle with friends, and weekends don’t mean much to you. That is another sign of not being ready to get married.

8) You Are Pressured To Marry.

There is an adage that when a pass the age of “whose child is this, then the next question becomes ” whose wife is she?

at this stage, you will be getting a lot of pressure from family and friends to get married, but your mind isn’t made for that. That’s another sign.

My advice is that you don’t succumb to pressure from anyone, because you will regret it in the future.

9) You Are Just Not Ready:

There are things you hope to achieve before you talk about marriage that has not materialized. For men, they want to make money, get a house, and a good job. No man will talk about marriage without these three things.

For a woman to think about getting hooked up, she must first be of marriageable age and then have a job doing.

The question is: have you accomplished your aims,? If not marriage will not make any sense to you now.

Ready to marry

10) Your Blood Pressure Rises Anytime Think About Marriage.

Another clear sign that you are not ready for marriage is when you developer cold feet whenever you hear marriage or think of it. Probably because of the news and stories you have heard about marriage, and you think it’s not worth going into.

And again you have not come to terms with yourself about waking up beside another person called your partner, taking care of kids, and doing house chores. It’s a red flag to not.

you have tried to treasure yourself often that you can do this so many times and you are still nervous when you hear that name ( marriage).

These are sure red flags that you are not ready for marriage. You shouldn’t rush into marriage when you don’t feel like it. Take time to build your mind about it. That’s what will bring the success you want.

11) You Are Bearing Grudges Against Each Other.

“A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers.”

Ruth Bell Graham.

This is true because your spouse will and must offend you, there will be fights and quarrels, but you are meant to always forgive.

If you have found yourself bearing grudges, then marriage is not for you. How long will you not forgive or forget your spouse’s mistakes? Marriage is for a long time and some recipes guarantee the time frame.

Once any of the recipes are lacking in you, then you are not ready for marriage.

In Conclusion:

If you want to know your status about marriage, if you want to know how ready or not you are about marriage, then read this post thoroughly. I have written down some things that will clearly show you your readiness for the institution called marriage. Read this post to know your stand.

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