11sincere signs you are not ready for marriage now.

3) If You Are Not Dating Or In Any Relationship:

This is another sign that you are not ready for marriage. I begin by having someone to date, or you are in a relationship. Being in a relationship or dating is a time when you relate with someone to know yourself.

Therefore if are not dating anyone, that means you are not getting married soon or yet. Now it is all wrong when you date or be in a relationship for as long as 5 years without marriage

Show me someone that is not dating or in any relationship and I will tell you that they are not ready to marry.

Not ready for marriage

4) All Your Friends Are Marriage And it is Not Bothering You:

It is understandable when nobody is asking for your hands in marriage and you are getting older; it becomes a big problem when you are not thinking about marriage when you are getting older.

The worst is that you feel good taking up a good seat at your friend’s wedding and you have never thought when you will happen. Well, I am not forcing you to get married any moment, but if you are looking to know if you are ready for marriage or not, then this is a sign you are not.

f you are not happy that you haven’t gotten married yet, then I will advise that you expand your relationship hook and see if it can catch a partner for you.

Don’t open more doors for relationships with mostly unmarried friends. Relat with those who are interested in marriage: that is the only way you can deal with your “single and happy problem.”

5) You Argue Frequently:

Another good indication that you are not ready for marriage is when you argue frequently. Yes, the argument is not bad for couples or couples to be, but when you argue frequently, it’s has turned into something else.

Frequent argument or fighting signifies incompatibility and communication error. These two ingredients are what make a relationship sweet. Meanwhile, when your relationship is lacking in those two areas, then call it a quit at this early stage.

6) You Feel Something Is Wrong In Your Relationship.

Most times, it is important to listen to your intuition. Always pause and consider what it is telling you. There may be truth in them. For example, if you think that something isn’t right with your relationship, or that the two of you are not meant to be together: think about it.

Start looking back to find some confirmation from the ways you related in the past, you may find some clues.

most couples do neglect some signs that started in their faces at the early stages of their relationship and it resulted in serious issues.

Because you are reading this post, I know you don’t want to make such mistakes, so I will ask you to pause now and check for those red flags. If you find any, then it is an indication that you are not ready for marriage now.

7) You Are So Buried In Your Carrer And Not Marriage.

There is no doubt that you are doing great in your career. You are making a hell of money and you are comfortable. Now everyone, your friends, and family believe that your next goal is marriage.

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