11 Signs a nigerian man wants to marry you

Signs a nigerian man wants to marry you

Are you planning to get married soon? Are you patiently looking for those signs a Nigerian man wants to marry you?

If you answered yes to those two questions then this post is exclusively for you.

Getting married is not a big problem; nurturing your marriage to make it better daily is where the problems are.

If you mistakenly get married to the wrong spouse, then you have made the greatest mistakes.

Therefore, it requires great carefulness and prayer before you set out to find Mr. Right.

One of your prayers should be that God opens your eyes to see the signs a Nigerian man wants to marry you before you start your search.

If you don’t know what those signs are, then I got your back. In this post, I will show those signs you should be on the lookout for when you want to get married to a Nigerian man.

Some of the signs may be p Mksubtle, and some you have seen many times and still, you could not put two and two together.

You will understand them as you read this post.

If you are ready, then let’s dive in.

Marriage in Nigeria

10 Signs a Nigerian Man Wants To Marry You.

If a Nigerian man is really interested in getting married to you, he will –

1) Out Of His Ways Just For You:

If a Nigerian man wants to marry you he will go out of his ways for you. He is ready to do anything, go anywhere just to please you.

No matter what it is you need, all you need to do os to put a call across to him and he will come running.

If you need a ride, help, advice, or just a shoulder to lean on when you are in distress, he will find a way to make them available.

When a man does all those things for you, then it’s a good sign he loves and wants to marry you.

2) Chase You:

The truth is that if a Nigerian man is interested in you wants to marry you, he’ll do everything he can to win you over.

Don’t deceive yourself that he is shy and that’s why is not talking, if he is holding back, he is not interested.

No man can resist from going out for what he needs, so if he is not chasing you, forget it he will never marry you.

signs a Nigerian man wants to marry you

3) Can’t-Wait To Show You Off:

When a man gets a new car, builds a beautiful house, or achieve something spectacular, they can never resist to show it off.

In that case, when a Nigerian man starts showing you off to his friends, it is a clear sign of taking your relationship further.

4) Sticks To His Promises:

A ready Nigerian man will always man plans to fulfill his promises to you if he wants to marry you. But if he only does what suites only suit him, then is not your husband.

He will fulfill his promises on time or tell you outright if it will be delayed or not. Again, he never forgets those important days in your life and he tries everything to make it special.

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5) Is Not Afraid To Commit:

If you need a long term relationship with a Nigerian man, you’ll need to be patient to find the one that has the same goal with you. This may sound ludicrous but some women will invest their energy and time chasing a man who made it obvious that he is not ready to marry.

Once a Nigerian man tells you that he is not ready to commit, just believe him and move forward. Don’t stick around maybe he can change his mind.

6) Will Not See Sex As A Priority:

Most Nigerian men believe that sex before marriage makes the relationship stronger, but sex is never a guarantee that you will get a commitment from him.

If you want to be sure he wants to marry go, refuse all his sex advances, and promise him more sex after marriage.

Any man that cares for marriage will stick around to the end.

7)  He Takes You To Every Occasion:

You will be his most cherished companion to all his special occasions, family holidays, and meetings. If he doesn’t feel anything for you he will only take you to a club and party and none of his friends will know how special you are.

But, the man who loves you will introduce you to his family and make you feel relaxed and at home with his family and close relatives.

8) He Plans His Future With You:

If a Nigerian man wants to have you in his life, he will not hesitate to make you part of it.

In order words, he will let you know everything about him. You will know everything he has been up to, things that bother him as well as his plans.

He will never go through life as a single bachelor because you are included in all his plans. Although he will not always spend every second of his day with you, he will make know that you and an important part of his life.

Signs a Nigerian man wants to marry you

9) All His Friends Respects You:

If a man loves you, he will respect you in everything and he will make his friends respect you too. Although this is not an excellent sign that a man loves because he can plan with his friend if he wants to deceive you.

But when you observe his friends carefully, you will be able to see the clear signs from the ways to relate with you even when your man is not there.

10) Always Around In Good Times And Bad Times:

There’ll always be challenges in relationships. It’s unavoidable. The man who loves you and wants to hook up with you won’t leave you to go through your pains alone.

He will be around and working with you to see your challenges over. That’s a good sign to look out for.

11) You Head It From Him:

There’s no better way to know if a Nigerian man wants to marry you better than hearing it from him. Most time men don’t know how to explain his emotions, but you can read it clearly from his actions.


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to read the signs a Nigerian man wants to marry you. All you need is to look out for these signs and you are good to go.

You may not see all the signs at the same time, but 50% of it is enough to show you all you wish to know.

Which signs have worked for you before? Feel free to share it with us. Use the comment box to share.

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