11 Real ways you are killing your wife

That is all 🙂

As simple as those words are, it is enough to make or mar a marriage.

If you really want a sweet and successful marriage, the best way to go about it is to make your wife trust you by your words.

Tell her the truth always.

One thing you must know about lies is that you must tell another lie to cover up the first, so why would you depend on telling lies when you can say the truth and that is all.

You may get away with lies every time; but one day your spouse will find it out and trust me, she will be very upset with you. Make it a point of duty to make your wife feel good. Make her understand you love and respect her and above all that she can trust every word you said.

You are holding back (physical) affections:

One thing you must understand is that physical affection is far more than having sex with your spouse; it also comprises hugging your spouse, kissing, holding hands, sending love massages and of course having sex.

All those you did inside the house are important, but make your wife feel more loved by holding her hands as you take a stroll in the street. Hug her before going out in the morning; send love text massages to her while she is not there with you.

Tell her sweet things when you are with her. When you are holding back these things, your wife will think you are not in love with her.

You are not there when she needs you:

Women want their hubby to be there always for them, and your wife is inclusive.

When she has something to tell, she want you to pay more attention to her, she need your shoulder to cry when she feel like crying.

When you are not there to provide a shoulder for her or listen to her, she definitely believes you don’t care about her emotions.

Believe me when I told you that men are outside there waiting to see women they will pamper.

If they have the opportunity, they will do that for you and you will lose her.

True life story 🙂

A woman hit her leg on a stone as she was walking down the street; a man was there and showed concern to her by taking her to a hospital.

When she called the husband, the husband was sorry at that time; but did not call her again to know how she was doing.

The other man called back again and again to know how she was feeling and that was all.
If you find it hard to care for your wife, there are plenty of others that will do so for you. Tweet This

You demand more from her:-

Back in the day, it was the responsibility of the men to fend for the family; it is not so now; women work also. After they stress of the day, everyone come home tied; but you still expect your wife to do the house chores and still give you dinner.

Think about it and understand that she is a human being like you. Help out where you can and let there be less stress for her.

Rounding up: –

It takes commitment to make a marriage happy. Your individual commitment matters. If you will choose to do more for your marriage to survive, you will definitely have successes.

However, you must have your spouse in mind as the other pivot that pulls your marriage. Know what makes her do more and what makes her draw back from her good works.

These are actually where her motivations are. Most of all make up your mind to stop doing those things that will be killing your wife because your wives happiness means the success of your marriage. Tweet This.

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