11 Real ways you are killing your wife

What do you think will happen when you compare her with someone close to you? That alone will show her that you prefer other women to her.
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If you see other women and feel they are more beautiful than your wife, then understand it is your own duty to make your wife beautiful and attractive too.

This comparison thing is common in the world today and it sound so simple too, but it will turn the marriage table upside down if you don’t curb it on time.

Think about this! As a man, you and you wife is taking a stroll and your wife saw a man and say ‘wow! This man is so tall, handsome and how nice a woman will feel to be on his side” tell me how you will feel.

That is exactly how it is when you compare her with another.

You are not showing her enough love:

Men usually think that women are more satisfied when they buy gifts to then or maybe give her a larger pay check. Of course they are; but they want something more than that.

They feel happier when your actions signify love to her. They want to see that you are grateful for having her as a wife. She wants you show her you are doing all the things you do just because of her.

Take some time today to make your wife feel loved by sending love massages to her in the day time, and get nice flowers to her when you are coming home.

Make eye contacts whenever she is discussing with her or when you are talking to her too.

Being the boss and not the husband:-

What type of spouse are you?a boss, or a soul mate. A soul mate is someone that cares and understands the feeling and emotions of the wife, but a boss husband is a dictator to the wife and the family as a whole. Of course men are made to be the head of the house, but not a commander.

Are you the type of man that wants all you said to be the final? When you roar, everybody must run. Your wife shivers whenever you are around. Why not purse for a while and consider your partner’s feelings.

This is what a client told me “I can’t forgive my husband; he is too domineering, he always want to be the man of the house; he is self-minded and never care about any other persons feeling”.

If you are that type of man you are unknowingly destroying your wife and killing your happy marriage.

You are not providing for your family:-
If you are the man of the house, it is expected that you will provide the basic needs of your family, whether your wife is working or not.

That means you have to do all you could to make sure your wife and your children are properly taken care of.

When you are not doing that, you are hurting your marriage. The bible said in the book of Timothy 5:8 “ if anyone does not provide for his relatives and especially for his family, he is worse than an infidel.

Let your number one financial objective be how your family can always have enough, no matter what is happening in your life.

When She cannot trust your words: –
Many of us have made promises to our spouse that we did not fulfill. I am a victim to that too.

Those little promises are good when you are sure you will do what you promised or your spouse will take it as one of your promises when you say even what you mean to fulfill.
When you promise to fix the kitchen tap the next day, get some glossaries from the supermarket, fix the toilet bulb,and make sure you have planes to make it happen.

At a time in my marriage I realized I have made so much withdrawals of trust from my marriage “emotional bank account” by making promises I did not fulfill.

When I realized it, I started making amend; by doing things that I should do without making any commitment. I started getting surprise gifts for her, and restore the trust. You can do the same too.

When you don’t care about her family:

Women enjoy their marriage when they are sure their husbands care about their immediate family.

However, when you believe you are only married to your wife and you do not care about her parents and other siblings, she maybe dying in secret without you knowing. Start today to show concern about the things that matters to her family.

She cannot trust you:-

My wife told me point blank that the only thing that could make her feel bad is not telling her the truth always. “Promise to tell me the truth always”; she said and I will love you forever.

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